American Horror Stories Episode 7 Countdown, Preview, Spoilers, Where to stream?

American Horror Stories Episode 7 sneak peek reveals that it will feature a couple spending night at a haunted house. The TV Show is a spinoff of an American horror award-winning TV series American Horror Story created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for the FX Networks, the series is also known as AHS Season 10.

The first season of AHS was premiered in 2011 and has released 9 seasons so far with more than 100 spine chilling episodes. If you are on a diet and wants to lose some calories then there is no show other than AHS season 10 that gonna make your diet successful. Moreover, horror series fans are rating this as one of the best award wining thrillers of all the time.

When does episode 7 of American Horror Stories release?

American Horror Stories Episode 7 is set to release on Thursday, 19 August 2021 at 12:01 AM-1:00 AM EST on FX on Hulu. AHS Season 10 episode 7 will be released a day later on Binge for the Australian viewers. The episode has been directed by Liz Friedlander, written by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Originally, this season of AHS will planned to a total of 16 episodes with an average running time of 55 minutes. But now, it seems that the show is split into two parts and 7th episode will be the finale of part 1.

Where to stream American Horror Stories Episode 7 online?

American Horror Stories episode 7 or AHS Season 10 ep 7 will be available to stream exclusively at FX on Hulu inside USA and on Binge for Australian viewers.

AHS Season 10 Episode 7 Predictions

American Horror Stories episode 7 is titled ‘Game Over‘ and is expected to show a daring couple stay to one of the most infamous haunted houses. But that is not child’s play, the gruesome murderers are eagerly waiting for their preys and the couple might be their next target. The incident is happening on the night of Halloween so we can expect the return of Scarlett spirit to met her girlfriend Ruby like she does on every Halloween.

American Horror Stories episode 7 spoilers

Episode 6 Recap

In AHS S10 episode 6, we saw Jay and Addy visits Kern Canyon National Park with their son named Jacob for a small camping trip but enjoyment turned into adversity when Jacob get lost in middle of the trip. After moving here and there for next 10 years in search of Jacob, a hunter claims in front Jay that he has seen Jacob and can take them near him. But it was just a failed attempt to rob Jacob’s family and kill them.

Finally, it is revealed that Jacob was taken by the Feral nation, a zombie subpopulation residing in the jungle. They try to escape from the situation and find themselves in the middle of clearing, their kid has become the King of those Ferals but the attachment doesn’t equal even to his slave. When one of the Feral member asks about Jay and Addy, their son Jacob replied that they are food and all the ferals start eating them alive.

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