Writing Around the Christmas Tree Filming Locations & Cast

Writing Around the Christmas Tree is a Lifetime’s romantic movie written and directed by Jake Helgren that follows the story of a novelist Mikaela who has generated more than thousands love stories on paper but remains single when it comes to real life. In order to find the love, she decides to visit Christmas writer’s retreat that her mother used to organize before meeting her fate. The plan starts working when Mikaela met another avid writer who deeply admires the works of her mother, even he is putting Mikaela mother’s ideas in his upcoming novels.

Where was Writing Around the Christmas Tree filmed?

Lifetime’s Writing Around the Christmas Tree was filmed entirely in Lake Arrowhead, California. According to sources, the principal filming began in March 2021 and wrapped up on July 2021.

Lake Arrowhead is an unincorporated community in San Bernardino Country of California which is known for its dense mountains, cheer parks, and dense forests. Writing Around the Christmas Tree is produced by Ninth House and Nicely Entertainment while Vanessa Shapiro serves as the executive producer. The state of CA serves as the filming location of Blending Christmas, Single All The Way, Pale Rider, Raise a Glass to Love, etc.

Writing Around The Christmas Tree Cast


  • Krystal Joy Brown as Mikaela Leighton
  • James Black as Irving Leighton
  • Meg Steedle as Olive Olsen
  • Curtis Hamilton as Levi McGuire
  • René Ashton as Tracy
  • Gavyn Michaels as Keifer
  • Hayley Seat as Book Fan
  • Max Emerson as Mitchell
  • Samantha Quan as Gigi
  • Dawnn Lewis as Sharon Samuels


When a successful novelist, Mikaela(Krystal Joy) visits a quaint bed and breakfast for a Christmas writer’s retreat that her mother used to organize. Even though, she has curated massive love stories but remained single all by herself. But the single life seems to end as she meets a handsome writer named Levi(Curtis Hamilton) at the Christmas retreat. The writer admires the works of Mikaela’s mother and explained her that she should experience the love instead of just writing about it.

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