Who TF Did I Marry Story Explained, What happened to Reesa?

Who TF Did I Marry: Can you believe this crazy tale about a TikToker named ReesaTeesa? She made an epic 50-part series exposing her pathological liar ex-husband she calls “Legion.”

And guess what? Her emotional story is going viral on the short video platform and millions of viewers are coming to see her story. Before you rush towards her TikTok, let’s have a quick look at her story.

Who TF Did I Marry Story Explained

It all began in March 2020 when thirty-something Reesa matched with Legion on a Facebook dating app.

He swept her off her feet on their very first date by gallantly changing her flat tire at a gas station when she was stranded.

“He showed up at the gas station, and he changed my tire, which I just thought was the sexiest thing in the world,” Reesa admitted.

Little did she know, this was just the beginning of Legion’s tall tales.

Legion wooed Reesa by claiming he was a wealthy, high-powered businessman. He told that he worked as a vice president at a huge condiment company in Atlanta and had gone to college in California.

Who TF Did I Marry story explained
Courtsey of TikTok user @ReesaMTeesa

He even boasted of a hefty offshore bank account from his days playing pro football. The two started seriously dating and decided to quarantine together when COVID-19 hit.

In May 2020, Reesa discovered she was pregnant, though sadly she miscarried the following month. By January 2021, Legion had put a ring on it and they officially tied the knot.

As their relationship bloomed, Reesa started noticing some inconsistencies, like how their “dream house” deal kept falling through, or how Legion’s stories about his past seemed to change with the wind.

Fueled by a healthy dose of curiosity (and maybe a sprinkle of suspicion), Reesa started digging into his life. Turns out, Legion’s actual story was less Hollywood blockbuster and more straight-to-DVD B-movie.

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Turns out he was actually just a forklift operator! She dug into his past and learned of previous arrests for criminal trespass and impersonating a police officer.

As if all that wasn’t dramatic enough, in June 2021, Reesa uncovered evidence that Legion had cheated on her! She has shown in Who TF Did I Marry series.

Whoops, the man lied about basically everything! His job, his money, his family, even being married before. Red flags everywhere.

So Reesa kicked him out and got divorced faster than you can say “pathological liar.” Though Legion pathetically kept trying to contact her to work it out. By December 2021, the split was finalized.

Looking back, Reesa feels conflicted about ignoring all those early red flags – the too-good-to-be-true persona, the blown house deals.

But she hopes that by sharing her salacious story spanning 50 TikTok installments titled Who TF Did I Marry, she can prevent others from making similar mistakes in the name of love.

Reesa’s story became a viral sensation, captivating viewers who gobbled up every juicy detail and cliffhanger reveal about the husband who turned out to be a complete fraud. Some criticized Reesa for broadcasting such a personal chapter online.

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But she stands by her decision, believing her cautionary tale Who TF Did I Marry can open important conversations about self-worth and the danger of moving too fast. While it can be embarrassing for her at times, it’s worth mentioning.

Reesa’s bringing the entertainment with her real-life tale of marriage misery. She’s hoping that she will find a better match next time!

This is what she said in her final video of the series:

“I can honestly tell you, being single sucks, in my opinion,” she said in her final video. “But being married to the wrong person is a type of hell no one should have to go through.”

Where to watch Who TF Did I Marry?

“Who TF Did I Marry” is a TikTok original and is available for free streaming on TikTok inside the United States. The series has 50-episodes, that can be watched through Reesa’s official Tik Tok handle @ReesamTeesa, as she has uploaded each part in sequence.

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