Where was The Wrong Cheer Captain filmed? Lifetime Filming Locations and Cast

The Wrong Cheer Captain is another Lifetime thriller movie directed by David DeCoteau. It stars Vivica A. Fox, Alexis Samone, Jackee Harry, Chelsea Gilson, Sofia Masson, Meredith Thomas ,etc. The story moves around a teenage girl Kate who suspects Anna for the murder of Emma, a former member of the cheerleading squad. As Anna is a newly appointed Captain, everybody listens to her and doesn’t pay much attention to the words of Kate. However, Anna started paying extra attention to Kate to make her life hell after noticing that she is creating problems for her. Let’s find out where is it filmed???

The Wrong Cheer Captain Filming Locations

Lifetime’s The Wrong Cheer Captain was filmed inside Los Angeles, California. LA is an old filming location for various movies as Blade Runner, Anchorman, Planet of the Apes, Iron Man, 500 Days of Summer, etc. The state is famous for its TV and film industry and most of the filming of Lifetime movies done there. Around 1920s, CA serves as the major place for shooting films and 80% of the global industry concentrated here.

The Wrong Cheer Captain Cast

Lifetime The wrong cheerleader captain cast

Alexis Samone as Kate

Alexis Samone is playing the role of Kate, the girl who is doubting Anna about the murder of Emma. She is an experienced stage performer and her credits include in Killer Profile.

Sofia Masson as Anna

Sofia Masson is casting as Anna in the Lifetime film, the one who is behind the killing of Emma and making Kate’s life worse. Her credits include The Lies that Bind, Twin My Heart, The Lies that Behind, etc.

Claire Tablizo as Emma

Claire Tablizo is in the role of Emma who gets murdered mysteriously. Her credits include in Teenage Vampire, The Walking Deceased, Teenage Girl: First Wheels, etc.

Other cast members include:

  • Vivica A. Fox as Carol
  • Jackee Harry as Principal Simpson
  • Chelsea Gilson as Coach Johnson
  • Meredith Thomas as Mrs. Jacobs
  • Noah Fearnley as Shane
  • Marc Herrmann as Mr. Olsen
  • Alli Albrecht as Susie Jacobs
  • Tyler Price as Dana
  • Alexa Marie as Becca

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