The Princess (2022 film) Locations, Full Cast Details, Synopsis

The Princess is a 2022 historical action drama fantasy film directed by Vietnamese director Le-Van Kiet and written by Ben Lustig with Jake Thornton. It stars Joey King, Dominic Cooper, and Veronica Ngo in the lead roles of princess, Julius, and Linh in the film produced by Toby Jaffe, Neal H Moritz, and Derek Kolstad under 20th Century Studios and Original Film Production company.

Where was The Princess filmed?

The Princess movie was filmed inside Sofia, Bulgaria during summer 2021. Filming began in mid June 2021 and wrapped up in October 2021.

Joey posted on her Instagram in October 2021 that she has been enjoying her days filming a movie inside for which she became a redheaded Rapunzel with boyfriend Steven Piet.

Moreover, the director of photography Lorenzo Senatore shared that the outer castle was created by the graphics designer while a production camp was setup by the crew members to film scenes outside the castle.

Bulgaria is a country with rich history and cultural heritage. It is located inside the Southern Europe or eastern flank of the Balkans bordering with Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey and Greece.

The country is famous as the oldest country of Europe and for its natural diversity. There are a lot of historical monuments and castles that are still intact today like Baba Vida castle, this can be the castle where the movie was shot.

The Princess filming locations Hulu
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Baba Vida is a medieval castle located inside northwestern Bulgaria. Probably, this castle was used for filming the interior scenes of the movie.

Some other notable locations of Bulgaria are Pernik and Vitosha Mountain. Even though, Bulgaria is not much popular as a filming location, some famous films as Hitman, The Expendables, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Conan The Barbarian, Universal Solider Regeneration, and even 300 was filmed inside Bulgaria.

The Princess Cast

  • Joey King as The Princess
  • Alex Reid as The Queen
  • Ed Stoppard as The King
  • Olga Kurylenko as Moira
  • Antoni Davidov as Merc Leader
  • Radoslav Parvanov as Merc Brute
  • Ludmil Kehayov as Merc #3
  • Katelyn Rose Downey as Violet
  • Ivan Vodenicharov as Merc Horseman #1
  • Mitko Angelov as Merc Horseman #2 (as Mitko Dalakov)
  • Apostol Tenev as Merc Horseman #3
  • Dominic Cooper as Julius
  • Vasil Toshev as Death Guard
  • Kristofer Kamiyasu as Khai
  • Fergus O’Donnell as Kurr
  • Dawn Sherrer as Noblewoman
  • Veronica Ngo as Linh
  • Lyubomir Neikov as Priest
  • Todor Kirilov Georgiew as Heavy Merc (as Todor Kirilov)
  • Todor Todorov as Tin Man
  • Max Kraus as Kitchen Merc #1
  • Hristo Dimitrov as Balsy Merc
  • Billy Edwards as Merc Lookout
  • Ulyana Chan as Female Cook
  • Boyan Anev as Cowboy Merc #3
  • Julian Naidenov as Death guard
  • Martin Taskov as Murk
  • Ivan Panev as Male Cook
  • Allegra du Toit as Young Princess
  • Younes Boutinane as Kitchen Merc #2
  • Jean-Adrien Espiasse as Kitchen Merc #3 (as Jean Adrien Espiasse)
  • Stanislav Satko as Cowboy Merc #1
  • Ivan Kostadinov as Horned Merc
  • Vladimir ‘Furdo’ Furdik as Cowboy Merc #2


When a charming princess refused to marry a cruel sociopath who has already accepted her as his wife, she is kidnapped and locked up in a remote tower of her father’s castle.

But the kidnappers are unaware of the girl’s true power and the princess is ready to show everyone who’s the boss. She must save the falling kingdom of her father and free herself to marry the prince of her choice.

The girl will try out everything to make sure she can save her father’s throne without creating more ruckus. Will she succeed?

To know the answer, you need to watch the film that is now streaming on Hulu inside the United States since 1 July 2022.

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