Where was The Last of Us filmed? See all shooting locations

The Last of Us is the latest post-apocalyptic drama series of HBO that is breaking records. It became the second most-watched premiere on HBO MAX since 2010 by drawing 4.7 Million viewers on the first day of release.

Created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, the series is based on the video game of the same name released in 2013, the game was developed by California based Naughty Dog.

It sets in 20 years after into a global pandemic that caused a mass fungal infection which is turning humans into a zombie like creatures and the story moves around a smuggler Joel and a teenage girl named Ellie who are searching for life in different parts of the United States.

Where was The Last of Us filmed?

The Last of Us was filmed in Canada, primarily in the province of Alberta. Canada was chosen as the filming location to recreate a post-apocalyptic environment. Most of the shooting took place around Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, Fort Macleod, and Waterton.

Pre-production of the series began on 15 March 2021 and filmed for 200 days. Each episode took around 18–19 days to complete. The cast and crew were spotted filming from July 2021 to June 2022 across varios cities of Alberta.

Bella Ramsey as Ellie and Lamar Johnson as Henry in The Last of Us episode 6
Image via HBO MAX

The crew opted to film in Alberta due to the landscape’s resemblance to the United States, which was an important factor in keeping the show’s setting accurate. Additionally, Alberta offers stunning natural vistas and ample locations for filming and production.

Episode 3 was filmed at Sheep River Falls in Kananaskis Country, the city located ten miles west of Boston. Additionally, the Alberta Legislature Building in Edmonton was utilized to represent the city of Boston.

Canada is the first love of filmmakers as it provides perfect shooting environment where any genre of movie can be shot ranging from a boring Kara Robinson’s documentary to exciting post apocalyptic shows like this one.

CTV reported that The Last of Us production was the biggest TV production in Canadian history that brought more than $200 Million in revenue to Alberta. The media also mentioned that crews were building a large set near Stampede Park, Calgary.

Where was episode 6 of The Last of Us filmed?

Jackson town featured in the episode 6 was constructed in Canmore after weeks of planning and approvals from locals. Canmore small town Alberta province whose buildings have the real rustic feel and same rocky mountains at the end of its main street that Jackson Hole has.

The barbecue place where Ellie and Joel have their first meal was handmade and decorated by the children of the community and literally, things are repaired around the town by the people. Producer Paino’s team used parking lots to build stables and greenhouses and makes the good use of existing buildings and railroad ties.

The Last of Us episode 6 filming in a small town of Alberta

South Alberta Insititute of Technology Heritage Hall has been featured in the scene where Joel and Ellie are ride a horse through the Wyoming town. Other buildings featured were The Mount Royal University and Northland Village Mall, both are located in Calgary.

With the release of 6th episode, HBO has proved that they are still following the tradition of making mistakes that begun with the Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4 where a Starbucks cup was infamously visible in front of Daenery’s table.

Several crew members are visible on the outskirts of one overhead shot but that’s not something to bother about but rather insignificant in terms of overall quality.

The Last of Us is streaming on HBO MAX with new episodes coming on Sundays every week.

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