Where can I watch The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story?

The Girl Who Escaped is not just an inspirational film based on real incident but also a must-watch for young girls who underestimates their strength.

Directed by Simone Stock from the screenplay of Haley Harris, this is the story of a daring girl who survived and escaped from the brutal abduction of a serial killer in 2002.

Lifetime has also developed another two-hour documentary special Escaping Captivity that features discussions of Smart with other well known victims.

When most true-crime movies lost their sight in the middle of drama, this Lifetime channel production just cover the facts and exec producer Elizabeth Smart makes sure to mention all the details available. That’s why, girls are so excited to watch this movie but where is it streaming?

Is The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story on Netflix?

Nope, the documentary film isn’t available to stream on Netflix right now. The movie is not included in the regular subscription of the streaming giant and also isn’t expected to release on the same platform in the near future because the movie is created by Lifetime which exclusively owns the distribution rights of the film.

Is The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story on Netflix

However, if you are currently having a Netflix subscription and craving to watch some good documentaries then you have multiple options to choose from.

Starting from Dog Gone, the network is streaming the fascinating documentary on Pamela Anderson, Keep Sweet Pray and Obey, Leo Baker Story, The Most Hated Man on the Internet, Dahmer Monster, The Watchers, Who Killed Little Gregory, Making a Murderer, etc.

Is Kara Robinson story true?

Indeed, the story of Kara Robinson is 100% real. It was early afternoon of 24 June 2002 when Kara was watering plants and bushes in the front yard of a friend’s house when a Pontiac driver, later identified as Richard Evonitz, pulled into the driveway.

Richard Evonitz was a friendly guy in his late 30s who offered some kind of pamphlets to Kara and he was good until he found out that she was home alone. The man pulled out a gun and expose his actual evil nature by pressing the gun to 15-year-old Kara’s neck.

Katie Douglas as Kara Robinson in The Girl Who Escaped

He even forced the teen girl to get into the large storage bin that was installed on the back seat of his car. That was a total nightmare for her as she has to spent 18 hours of torture before escaping from the hands of criminal.

Robinson free herself when Evonitz was asleep and guided Florida police with everything she got from the his fridge. The abductor fled too on seeing that the girl is not with him and tracked by the police to Sarasota where police surrounded him and eventually, he killed himself wiith his gun on 27 June 2002.

Who’s in the cast of The Girl Who Escaped?

Katie Douglas is starring as the sweet 15-year old Kara Robinson who was the Girl Who Escaped from the abduction of Richard Evonitz, Kritian Brunn is playing his role.

Cara Buono as Debra Robinson, Erik Athavale as Lt Aaron Rowland, Sophia Carriere as Jess, Lisa Marie DiGiacinto as Sgt Bonnie Jennings, Brandon McEwan as Ryan, Jay Koensgen as Desk Officer, Paul Essiembre as Ron Robinson, John B Lowe as Sheriff Dale Stephens, Cheryl Soluk as Question Nurse, Derek Kun sa Lexington Country Officer, etc.

Where to watch The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story?

The Girl Who Escaped is exclusively streaming on Lifetime Channel inside the United States. The premiere happened on 11 Feb on Lifetime Channel but if you have missed it then worry not, you can still watch the movie on demand on the following networks:

  • Sling TV (7-day free trial)
  • Philo TV (5-day free trial)
  • DirecTV Stream
  • Frndly TV (1-week free trial)
  • Hulu+Live TV

However, if you live in UK, Australia, Germany, or any place other than the United States then you might not be able to watch this The Kara Robinson Story on your TV screens because it’s distribution is limited to Lifetime and the channel is only available for US viewers.

Ratings and Reviews

Katie Douglas nailed the difficult role of Kara and the most heroic part was when she got enough courage to run away from captivity. In an age when kids learn victimhood, Kara chose not to give up and set her example for the upcoming generations that one should not give up.

The movie was decent and it had a different view on the whole new kidnapping documentary genre. However, there are some characters like Kara’s mom and her boyfriend that are stopping the movie to gain a perfect 10.

It seems that her mother was only there to make Kara victim while the role of her boyfriend doesn’t make any sense, at least in this movie. Overall, it was a good story and we rate it 7/10.

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