Where was The Beekeeper filmed? See All UK Locations Now

Jason Statham’s latest action thriller film “The Beekeeper,” might be set in the bustling streets of Boston and the serene landscapes of Washington, D.C., but the filming itself was anchored right in Statham’s home country of the United Kingdom.

Let’s take a cinematic tour and explore some of the main real-world spots that stood in for the reel locations as Clay the beekeeper raced to take down an international cybercrime network.

Where was The Beekeeper filmed?

The 2024 American vigilante action film “The Beekeeper” was entirely filmed on location in London and Kent inside the United Kingdom. Principal shooting began in Sep 2022 and wrapped after four months of filming in December 2022, as per reports from ScreenDaily.

London, England, UK

Our journey begins in the heart of London, where the vibrant Jermyn Street in central London transformed into the gritty underbelly of Boston on September 15, 2022.

Jermyn Street in the heart of England’s capital transformed into Boston’s urban landscape, with 130 Jermyn Street serving as an FBI field office, where Clay infiltrates during an action scene.

Film crews recreated tense standoffs and firefights outside the large complex, and made the scenery even more authentic by hoisting an American flag above the building, per Edingburgh News.

The Beekeeper filming at 130 Jermyn Street
Courtsey of Amazon MGM Studios

An FBI convoy arrives amid the conflict, with police vehicles labeled “Boston Police” cementing the New England setting.

The landmark street closed down for filming the intense scenes of Statham’s gritty hero taking on shady agents in The Beekeeper film.

Further scenes filmed on the street included a van pulling up to the building, and heavily armed FBI agents in tactical gear jumping out of it.

Kent, UK

While London led the way for urban action, Kent County provided a change of pace with wide open rural spaces.

Clay and Mrs Parker’s farmhouse, a key location that kicks off his explosive mission, was actually the sprawling 1,200-acre Castle Farm and Lower Austin Lodge.

The Beekeeper filming on Clay and Mrs Parker's Farm
Courtsey of Amazon MGM Studios

Beyond just a base of operations, the farm and its surrounding countryside also allowed room for stunt driving and chase sequences to unfold far from the city streets.

Away from the farm, grand Tyringham Hall was used as the lavish estates of the criminal masterminds, Clay battles in The Beekeeper 2024 movie.

Imagine an 18th-century stately home, its entrance flanked by sphinxes and its gardens adorned with manicured lawns.

The Beekeeper shooting at Tyringham Hall
Courtsey of Amazon MGM Studios

This grand venue, after a £10 million makeover, became the perfect setting for the antagonist’s extravagant estate, adding a touch of grandeur to the film’s narrative.

If you’re planning to purchase the property, it’s on sale for an asking price of £18 million, according to The Telegraph. Kent delivered both an idyllic, innocent starting point and a corrupt seat of power for Clay’s weaving narrative.

Sittingbourne’s Kingsferry Bridge

Remember the bad guy Mickey in “The Beekeeper”? The one who gets into all sorts of trouble with Jason Statham’s character, Clay? Well, there’s this one scene where Mickey gets himself into a real pickle. He does something bad, and let’s just say, the good guys aren’t too happy about it.

The Beekeeper scene at Kingsferry Bridge
Courtsey of Amazon MGM Studios

So, Mickey tries to make a quick getaway. He hops into a car and speeds off, but the good guys are hot on his tail. They chase him all over the place, and eventually, they corner him on this big bridge called the Kingsferry Bridge.

Now, the Kingsferry Bridge is pretty special. It’s one of those bridges that has both cars and trains going over it at the same time. Can you imagine the chaos if a car chase happened on a bridge like that? Well, that’s exactly what happens in “The Beekeeper”!

Mickey, in his desperate attempt to escape, ends up getting tied to the back of a car. And guess what? That car starts driving off the bridge! Talk about a close call!

The Beekeeper movie filming an action scene featuring Tyringham Hall
Courtsey of Amazon MGM Studios

Of course, this is a movie, so Mickey doesn’t actually fall off the bridge. But the scene is still super exciting. It’s full of suspense and action, and it shows just how far Mickey will go to get away from the good guys.

So, next time you’re watching “The Beekeeper,” keep an eye out for the Kingsferry Bridge scene. It’s a real nail-biter!

Some of the recent productions, that took place in UK includes, Apple TV+’s Criminal Record, Netflix’s Good Grief, and Hallmark’s A Scottish Love Scheme.

Behind The Scenes

David Ayer posted a bts picture on his Instagram during the shooting. That’s a beautiful and poignant reflection on the filmmaking process.

Ayer begins by talking about the forgetfulness that can come with the filmmaking process, but he also reminds us of the things we don’t forget.

His post is a reminder of the hard work and dedication that goes into making a movie, and also a reminder of the joy and satisfaction that comes from creating something beautiful with a team of talented people.

Ayer’s post also touches on the loneliness of being a director. The director is the one who has to make all the decisions and take all the responsibility.

They are the one who is ultimately accountable for the success or failure of the film.

But Ayer also finds peace in the fact that he is not alone. He has a team of two hundred collaborators who are with him every step of the way.

He is making art with his friends and family, and that is something that he will never forget.

The Beekeeper Cast

  • Jason Statham as Adam Clay
  • Emmy Raver-Lampman as FBI Agent Verona Parker
  • Josh Hutcherson as Derek Danforth
  • Jeremy Irons as Wallace Westwyld
  • Jemma Redgrave as President Danforth
  • Minnie Driver as Director Howard
  • Phylicia Rashad as Eloise Parker
  • Bobby Naderi as Agent Matt Wiley
  • Enzo Cilenti as Rico Anzalone
  • Don Gilet as Deputy Director Prigg
  • David Witts as Mickey Garnett

The Beekeeper has been released by Amazon MGM Studios on January 12, 2024, in conventional theaters, Dolby Cinema and IMAX inside the United States and United Kingdom.

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