Where was Surviving Paradise filmed? See Netflix Locations

Surviving Paradise is a 2023 British reality TV show that premiered on Netflix on October 20, 2023. With stand-up comedian Jessimae Pelouso as host, the reality competition show tricks its contestants into thinking they will be living a luxurious summer in a tropical villa.

But in reality, the 12 players are banished to the rugged wilderness of an island, where they must survive on very limited means. Now, they must survive on their own to grab the grand prize of $100,000 otherwise there is no escape.

The competition television series has been produced by Studio Lambert and Raw TV, executive produced by Tom Barry, Peter Campion, Tim Harcourt, Stephen Lambert, Nia Yemoh, and Stephen Yemoh, and distributed by Netflix.

Where is Surviving Paradise filmed?

The beautiful Greek island of Lefkada served as the main filming location for the 2023 reality TV series Surviving Paradise.

This exotic island, located in the Ionian Sea off the western coast of Greece, provided the perfect tropical backdrop for the show’s cast members as they competed in various challenges.

Three woman contestants on the set of Surviving Paradise series

With its pristine beaches, lush greenery, and picturesque villages, Lefkada offered production crews stunning and diverse settings to capture all the drama and adventure. Contestants camp out on the remote beaches along Lefkada’s coastline, with the stunning turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea providing a scenic backdrop.

Challenges take place all over the island, including the sandy beaches, olive groves, and hiking trails that crisscross Lefkada’s mountainous interior. The production takes advantage of old villages, farms, and even some ancient ruins as exotic filming venues.

Porto Katsiki Beach

Port Katsiki Beach was also a pivotal filming site for Surviving Paradise, especially early in the season. Its sweeping fine sand and turquoise waters provided a tropical oasis feel for early challenges and strategy sessions.

As one of Lefkada’s most iconic beaches, Port Katsiki gave production spectacular sunset shots of contestants around a campfire on the soft sand.

The beach’s stunning mix of stone cliffs, wooden stair access, and perfect crescent shape made it an ideal backdrop for many memorable moments on the show.

Egremni Beach

This secluded beach is famous for its sparkling blue waters, smooth white pebbles, and stunning 300-foot cliffs. Several crucial scenes between cast members played out on Egremni’s pristine shores, with its sheer cliffs looming behind them.

The unmatched beauty of the beach created an atmosphere of serenity at times, while also providing an air of intensity when needed.


The quaint village of Vassiliki, located on Lefkada’s southern tip, served as a primary set for many interactions between cast members of Surviving Paradise. With its charming windmills, waterfront cafes, and picturesque harbor, Vassiliki gave production an authentic Greek island vibe. Several challenge events took place right in Vassiliki Bay, with the village and surrounding turquoise waters creating unforgettable backdrops.

a shocked woman contestant in Surviving Paradise series Netflix

The Lefkada Mountains

In addition to the coastline, the rugged Lefkada Mountains in the interior of the island were also utilized for certain scenes. The steep cliffs, lush forests, and sweeping valley views provided adventurous settings as the show’s stars hiked through the wilderness. The elevation and isolation of the mountainous region added intensity and drama to select episodes.


Other spots like the picturesque fishing village of Nidri, known as the social hub of Lefkada, provided additional scenic backdrops throughout the filming of Surviving Paradise.

With its waterfront promenade dotted with cafes and shops, Nidri gave production crews plenty of options for filming the cast’s interactions. The island’s lush interior valleys and olive groves also made occasional appearances as contestants traveled around Lefkada.

Lefkada Town

The main town of Lefkada, with its lively marina area, traditional tavernas, and winding streets, appeared in various scenes as well. The town’s quaint character and easy accessibility from the island’s hotels and beaches made it a convenient and charming filming location for Surviving Paradise. Whether it was a casual lunch or strategic planning session, Lefkada town hosted several memorable moments on the show.

Surviving Paradise Cast

With Jessimae Peluso as the host, the show features twelve contestants whose names are as follows:

What is the plot of Surviving Paradise?

The show begins as the 12 contestants are brought to a gorgeous villa overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea. The players believe they will spend their summer relaxing in luxury. However, host Jessimae Peluso soon informs them that this paradise is not what it seems.

Jessimae reveals that the twelve contestants will actually be left to fend for themselves in the harsh landscapes far below the villa. Each week, the players must complete grueling challenges based around survival skills and avoiding elimination. The last one standing wins a massive cash prize.

Dropped on the remote beaches of Lefkada, the competitors quickly realize they are in for the adventure of a lifetime. They must learn to catch fish, build shelters, and brave the elements using only their wits and will to survive. All while deceiving and outsmarting their fellow contestants to avoid elimination.

With the dramatic cliffs, secluded coves, and thick forests of Lefkada as the backdrop, the players battle it out in an epic survival competition. The island pushes the contestants to their limits, both physically and mentally. In the end only one outwit, outplay, and outlast the rest to be crowned the winner of the series.

All episodes of Surviving Paradise are currently available for streaming on Netflix inside the United States.

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