The Watcher Filming Locations, Where is 657 Boulevard House located?

The Watcher is an American horror crime series created and written by famous horror screenwriters Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan for Netflix.

It stars Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale in the lead role of a real life couple who were haunted and harassed continously by a stalker.

The limited mystery television series is produced by Todd Nenninger, Lou Eyrich, Todd Kubrak, and Danielle Wang under Ryan Murphy Productions.

Where was The Watcher filmed?

The Watcher was filmed in Rye and New York City inside New York during fall 2021. Principal photography began on 29 Sep 2021 and wrapped up around 2 March 2022 covering almost six months, IMDb noted.

1 Warriston Lan, Rye, NY is an actual luxury mansion that was used in place of New Jersey’s Westfield 657 Boulevard. The house esembles with the house of Watcher located inside NJ but it was built later. NJ House was built in 1905 while 1 Warriston Lan was built in 1921.

Where was the watcher filmed

The motel featured in the series is located at 888 Bayville Rd, Locust Valley inside New York. It is located across the beach and boasts an outdoor pool. 24-hour front hour desk services are available in the Locus Valley Tides Inn at Stehli Beach.

Even though, the actual address was located just 45 mintues away from the shooting location, cinematographers weren’t able to gather enough courage to confront the real Watcher house and his new owners.(just kidding, they shot the scenes where they wanted).

Patch reported that some of the shooting took place in Hempstead, Westchester Country, and even the real creepy environment of Westfield, New Jersey.

Where is the real Watcher house located?

The actual Watcher house is located at 657 Boulevard, Westfield inside the fairly upper middle class neighbourhood in New Jersey. It was bought by a couple (Derek and Maria Broaddus) for $1.4 Million in 2014 but they never moved to the mansion that was built in 1905. Also, the house doesn’t look luxurious as it has been shown in the series.

The Watcher house location

The couple started receiving continuous death threats from a suspicious person that call himself the Watcher and that’s why Derek and Maria Broaddus decided to park the property on Sale within six months. Also, the Westfield Planning Board didn’t approve their request to seal the deal with a property developer.

However, the Broaddus family managed to let the house to a family in 2015 but the dangerous letters were still coming to threat the Broadduses. In July 2019, the couple successfully sold the real estate for $959,000 to another family bearing a financial loss of almost $400k.

According to Bustle, the new owners are Andrew and Allison Carr. They purchased the infamous mansion from the Braoddus couple on 1 July 2019 and they haven’t received any threat letter from the Watcher till now.

The house still looks good with beautiful interiors and worth around $1.5 Million as of today’s valuation. It is not as luxurious as the house featured but still it looks good with six bedrooms and four baths that spread across 3,869 feet.

Is The Watcher based on a real story?

Yes, the Watcher series is shockingly based on a true story and all the scenes are inspired from real events. The Braoddus family is featured in the series under the name of Brannocks who bought their suburban dream home that soon turned into a living hell in place of their beautiful residence.

The home which was purchased by a couple with the intention to begin a new life together was turned into a sinister place where nobody wants to live. It was not because the house was haunted, but the threatening letters that prompted the couple to stay away from the place.

Even though, the couple bought the house to live for the rest of their lives, the place turned into an abandoned property where they never lived.

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