Where was Netflix Perfect Match filmed? When did the shooting took place?

Perfect Match is a 2023 reality-TV game show directed by Anthony Gonzales and produced by Miranda Donato whose plot moves around a group of singles who must find their soulmates quickly.

The series is one of the wildest dating shows on Netflix its contestants are coming from network’s other popular shows of the same category that includes Too Hot Too Handle, The Circle, and Love is Blind.

One of the most controversial star is Francesca Farrago who is popularly known as a rule breaker in Too Hot too Handle. She is joined by ex-Love is Blind podder Shayne Jansen but that’s not what fans are looking for, but the luxury mansion where the whole filming took place.

Where was Netflix’s Perfect Match filmed?

Perfect Match was filmed inside a luxurious mansion with infinity pool located at the edge of a rainforest in Playa Bonita, a resort town in Panama city, Panama. Filming for the series began in February 2022 and wrapped in March 2022 within the luxury resort while the casting started in Dec 2021.

Where was perfect match filmed on Netflix

The villa has six stunning bedroom with vaulted ceilings, private plunge pool, master bathroom, indoor garden, five bathrooms, a gym, and five guest rooms with all facilities.

Latin Exclusive, a real estate website also mentioned on the page of property that every room has a unique architectural design, from open ceiling showers to bathtubs in the middle of room.

The designs are inspired by beautiful Panama Canal and ceilings are actually high, with the main hall ceilings standing at 50 feet.

Savannah Palacio in pool at Perfect Match filming location in Panama city
via Netflix

Moreover, the location of this estate is perfect for travel as city’s Tocumen International Airport is located just 45 minutes away. With high demand, the price to get inside is also high, it costs nearly $7,300 to spend a night in this property.

So, if you are ready to make some holes in your pocket then most welcome to this suite otherwise there are various other good places to travel in Panama. However, this resort’s level of luxury is unbeatable in this region and that’s why Netflix decided to shoot the series there, no matter if they had to spend big bucks.

Meet the contestants of The Perfect Match

Dom Gabriel

Dom is a 30-year-old singer and songwriter for the band Don’t Call and a TikTok star from Toronto, Canada. He become popular after becoming a contestant in season 6 of The Mole where he played a heavy machine operator.

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frer

Anne is a 28-year-old real estate professional who ranked in one of the top agents at Tampa’s Allure Realty. She become so good in 2021 that she got cap. Moreover, she was named the realty’s “Agent of the Year”. The Heiti born real estate agent moved to the US in 2005.

Shayne Jansen

Jansen is known for his outspoken nature and high energy. Some viewers of Love is Blind Season 2 may recognize the 33-year-old real estate agent for his storymy relationship with ex-fiancee Natalie Lee. The man currently living in Chicago, Illinois is looking for a Perfect Match for him.

Francesca Farago

Francesca is a YouTube content creator and influencer from Vancouver, Canada who become famous after winnning a cash prize of $7500 in Too Hot Too handle season 1, a reality dating series that debuted on Netflix in April 2020. She became an infamous contestant after breaking the rules of physical intimacy with her partner Harry Jowsey.

Ines Tazi

Ines is a 26-year old fashion and beauty influencer who make her TV debut with the first season of The Circle: France that was released in 2020.

Chase DeMoor

Chase was one of the frisky single in Too Hot To Handle season 2 who have to choose between sex and a $100,000 grand prize. He is former NFL hopeful who played for the Houston Lineman in the Spring League but currently, he is a professoinal boxer with over a million Instagram followers.

Kariselle Snow

Kariselle is a 27-year-old cosplay model who has starred in Sexy Beasts season 1 as panda in front of her competitors and even she appeared in the eighth season of MTV’s Are You The One?.

The purpose of this show is to match the right ones and Snow seems to have the same objective. She said, I am so single and it’s disgusting. She also revealed that she has a history with Francesca.

Georgia Hassarati

Georgia is a 26-year-old midwife student from Brisbaine, Australia who established herself as a heartbreaker on Too Hot To Handle season 3 before coming to the Perfect Match.

Zay Wilson

Wilson was previously on The Ultimatum, another Netflix show, and is now looking for a second chance at love. He is described as being a “hopeless romantic,” and is an optimist who loves to laugh and make others laugh.

He is an avid traveler who loves to explore new cultures, loves animals and also, he is a talented musician who loves to sing and play guitar.

Savannah Palacio

Savannah id a 26-year old girl from California who was last seen in The Circle season 2 on Netflix. She works as a data researcher on Capitol Hill, is half Mexican and half Filipina, and is a social media influencer and digital content creator.

Mitchell Eason

Mitchell Eason is just another contestant on the Netflix reality show Perfect Match. He is a native of Pennsylvania and is an actor, model, and social media influence who is also known for his roles in the films like The Shitshow and The Circle. On Perfect Match, he is looking for love and attempting to find a perfect match for himself.

Joey Sasso

The 29-year-old actor, model, and social media influencer is a native of New York who relocated to LA. He is also known for his role in the Netflix reality show The Circle, where he was crowned the winner. On this show, he is looking for love and attempting to find a perfect match for himself.

Damian Powers

Damian is a 32-year-old social media celebrity is having over 810K followers on Instagram. He is also known for his roles in The Shitshow and The Circle.

Izzy Fairthorne

Izzy Fairthorne is an English model and media personality best known for appearing on the third season of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. She is a native of Manchester.

Bartise Bowden

Bowden is currently employed as a Senior Analyst at VMG Health, where he has been working since October 2018. On season 3 of Love Is Blind, he is seeking love and attempting to find a perfect match.

His relationship with fellow cast member Nancy Rodriguez has been a rocky one, but the two end up getting engaged on the show.

Bowden has recently come under criticism for his lack of insight into mental health issues, with many viewers of Love Is Blind expressing their disappointment. However, it seems the 25-year-old realizes his mistakes.

In a recent TikTok of Bartise’s, a commenter wrote, “What Wow, B. Just wow. Just the level of awareness and understanding you have for mental health issues is great.”

Perfect Match is now streaming on Netflix and new episodes are airing on Tuesdays.

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