Where was Muted filmed? See all Locations of Netflix series

Created by Aitor Gabilondo, Muted is the latest psychological thriller series of Netflix starring Aron Piper as Sergio Ciscar, a prisoner who has recently been released from detention.

The Netflix series originally known as El Silencio takes us into the twisted world of Sergio, a troubled young man who has murdered his own parents and made himself orphan.

Unlike this thrilling series, there are several other good orphan movies that you can stream right now to learn the importance of family, friendship, human spirit, and the power of love.

But another shocking thing is that, he is granted an early release from prison for his good behavior. Even though, Sergio has remained quite since that haunting day, his young psychiatrist Ana Dussel has closely observed her moves just like we have seen the shooting locations.

Where is Muted filmed?

According to Netflix Tudum, Muted was filmed in Madrid and Bilbao city of Spain inside the Southern Europe. Some sources have reported that the filming also took place in some other regions of Biscay province other than Bilbao.

Marta comforting Sergio in Muted Netflix series in Madrid Studios
via Netflix

Principal shooting began on 24 May 2022 and wrapped on 18 September 2022, covering almost 84 days of shooting. Most of the filming was done within the studios setup in the capital city of Spain.

Estudios Barajas C/ de Campezo, 3, Madrid

The studio was used to film various scenes of the series including the starting scenes where Sergio is shown for the first time, scene where Marta is comforting him, and the place where he realized that his mother was experimenting on him.

According to the official website of Madrid Film Office, the studio was founded in 1985 and have hosted all kinds of audiovisual productions in its 35 years of service.

It has a soundproof stage of 900 diaphanous square meters, a bedroom area, make-up room, wardrobe, changing room, dressing rooms, and production offices. The studio also have 2000 meter facilities in the Las Mercedes Industrial Estate in its neighborhood Rejas.

Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao is the largest city of Biscay province located in the north-central part of Spain just 16 kilometers away from the Bay of Biscay, the place where economic social development is located.

Due to this close proximity, Bilbao comes in the list of most expensive cities to live but the filmmakers chose the shooting landmarks wisely without making holes in their pockets.

Directed Gabe shared a picture of Paseo Uribitarte and Calle Henao on Instagram while the shooting was ongoing. IMDb has also mentioned Bilbao, Vizcaya, País Vasco, Spain as a filming location.

Cast of Muted series

Aron Piper is starring in the lead role of the main character Sergio Ciscar, who is coming out from the prison after getting detained for parricide and is currently under secret vision of a young psychiatrist Ana and her team.

Sergio in Muted series cast
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Almudena Amor is in that role of Ana Dussuel who is keeping an sharp eye on Ciscar after being released from the prison. Cristina Kovani is playing the role of Marta, a teenage girl obsessed with Segio who agrees to help Ana in her mission.

Other cast members include:

  • Manu Ríos as Eneko
  • Aitor Luna as Cabrera
  • Ramiro Blas as Natanael
  • Aria Bedmar as Greta
  • Mikel Losada as Mikel

Where can I watch Muted?

The Spanish thriller series Muted has is currently streaming for Netflix subscribers since its world premiere on 19 May 2023.

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