Where was The Christmas Promise filmed? Hallmark Locations and Cast Details

The Christmas Promise is another Hallmark film directed by Fred Gerber that follows a young woman who is slowly recovering from the death of her fiance. To recuperate from the loss, she decides to renovate and sold her dream house to some other party. However, this renovation opened another door of romance for her as the carpenter(Joe) assigned to this job starts to caught her attention. Joe also highlights the importance of life and inspired her to live a better one and the rest you can expect what usually happens in a traditional Hallmark movie. Let’s find out the filming places where was the movie filmed?

Where was The Christmas Promise filmed?

Hallmark’s The Christmas Promise was filmed inside Vancouver, British Columbia according to film director, Fred. The principal filming began around the August 2021 and wrapped up within the same month. Most of the scenes were filmed in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver. The modern architecture and small places laden with snow makes this place perfectly suitable filming location.

The Christmas Promise filming locations

Some scenes shot at Maple Ridge situated near the Greater Vancouver and Langley City. However, most of the filming took place in the district of North Vancouver as that was most suitable place to shot this Christmas movie.

The Christmas Promise Cast

  • Torrey DeVitto as Nicole
  • Dylan Bruce as Carpenter Joe
  • Giles Panton as Henry
  • Jazlyn Onaba as Charlotte
  • Patrick Duffy as Grandfather
  • Karen Holness as Susan
  • Matthew James Dowden as Alan Mahone
  • Jarod Joseph as Tom
  • Tara Wilson as Gail
  • Tristan Shire as Phil
  • Jesse Moss as Teddy
  • Lisa MacFadden as Kim
  • Moire Kiyingi as Angela
  • Valerie May McNicol as Helen
  • Jeremy Lacombe as Billy

Torrey DeVitto is casting in the role of Nicole, the woman recuperating from the death of his Fiance and developing a love interest in a carpenter who is assigned to renovate her home. Her credits include in Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Army Wives, Chicago Med, etc.

Dylan Bruce is playing the role of Carpenter Joe who becomes the love interest of Nicole in the Hallmark movie. His credits include in Orphan Black and As the World Turns.

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