Where was ‘For Love or Murder’ filmed? Lifetime Cast and Locations

‘For Love or Murder’ is a new Lifetime’s thriller movie directed by Tom Shell that moves around a wedding planner whose parents died tragically so she goes on to attend the funeral of her parents that allows her to resemble with her estranged brother, Michael and his fiance, Olivia. Angie meets both of them calmly at first but when she heard some news from one of the bridesmaid about Olivia then she got stunned. Does Olivia really murdered her ex-husband or it’s just a hoax? Later on, Angie’s suspicion becomes even stronger when that bridesmaid died under weird phenomenon and she decides to expose Olivia’s reality in front of his brother.

The film is about the search for truth and a possible murderer who turns out to be closed relative of the family. Likewise, other Lifetime movies, everything appears to be going very well at first but after a timeframe things become horrible where a person murders the other one. Will Angie been able to expose her brother’s fiance true motives?

‘For Love or Murder’ Filming Locations

For Love or Murder was filmed in inside the capital city of Oklahoma, United States. Filming took place in Spring 2021. Some scenes were filmed in downtown area of Oklahoma City that is known as the center for entertainment, nightlife, and horse capital of the world. Maddison Bullock shared various photos of the filming set on her official Instagram.

For Love or Murder Lifetime Cast

Kristen Vaganos is casting in the role of Angie, the wedding planner who come back home after her parents passes away and meet her estranged brother and his fiance. In real life, she is a screenwriter and film producer. Her credits include in Hot Java, My Sweet Holiday, Serial Soulmate, etc.

For Love or Murder Lifetime cast

Benedict Mazurek as Michael, Angie’s brother who is about to marry a possible killer. He is known for his cast in films like Saving My Children, Danger! Danger!, etc.

Madison Bullock is playing another lead role in Lifetime’s For Love or Murder movie. She is the fiance of Angie’s brother, Michael who is suspected to be a murderer but if she is the real murderer or not will be revealed in the film. Her credits include in 13 Reasons Why, The Handler, General Hospital, etc.

for love or murderer lifetime cast members include:

  • Triana Browne (Morgan)
  • Cody Bagshaw (Levi)
  • Ryan Francis (Detective Hasler)
  • Danielle Montreal (Renee), and Drew Pollock (Howard)
  • Kaye Brownlee-France (Dani)
  • Meghan McCall (Erika)
  • Emily Hileman (Ashland)
  • Johnny Horn (John Porter)
  • Barbara Sandlin (Bella Porter).
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