Where was Fingernails filmed? Apple TV+ Movie Locations

Directed by Christos Nikou, Fingernails is an Apple TV+ original film, sets in a futuristic world where love is scientifically measured.

The film has garnered many positive reviews from the critics and is getting popular among romance as well as sci-fi movie fans. Critcs have praised the two leads, Jessie Buckley and Jeremy Allen White for their great acting.

What’s even more exciting is the movie’s shooting location. The film whisks us through evocative urban landscapes of Canada that profoundly complement the narrative.

Fingernails Filming Locations

Fingernails movie was filmed in Hamilton, Toronto, and Etobicoke districts of Ontario province in Canada. Principal shooting of the movie began in late October 2022 and wrapped in December 2022, just before the Christmas holidays.

Hamilton, Ontario

The worn industrial aesthetic of Hamilton provides an impactful contrast with its historic architecture and scenic waterfront. Reports have confirmed that the production in Hamilton was done in December 2022.

Jessie Buckley as Anna and Riz Ahmed as Amir on Fingernails movie filming set
Courtsey of Apple TV+

Under gloomy skies, harsh factories and abandoned warehouses, producers find a fitting backdrop in Hamilton’s industrial landscape. Two main restaurants that have been featured in the film includes:

Ajio Sushi Korean and Japanese Restaurant, located at 161 King Street in East Hamilton. As the name suggests, the restaurant is famous Japanese and Korean food. Sana Grill is another restaurant, which was used for filming the movie. It is located on the same street in East Hamilton next to Ajio Sushi.

Scenes that highlight the dangers of using technology in quantifying love were done there. Yet Hamilton’s rugged landscape also reflects the resilience of the human spirit.

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto provides modern architecture and bustling urban landscape, where many futuristic elements are brought to life. The energy of Canada’s largest largest city mirrors the tensions between technology and human intimacy.

Jessie Buckley as Anna working on her desk in Fingernails movie, scene was filmed in Toronto
Courtsey of AppleTV+

Director Christos Nikou captured the city’s diverse neighborhoods, from sleek skyscrapers to charming cobblestone side streets, where Anna and Ryan do some romance.

One of the popular shooting location for Fingernails in Toronto is the CN Tower. It is a huge tower that provides breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Some soul-searching moments in the film were captured from the observation deck of this tower.

Etobicoke, Ontario

Anna, finds peace in the serene landscapes of Etobicoke. This is the place where she grapples with her inner turmoil and the complexities of her relationships. Etobicoke’s tranquility reminds us that love can bloom even in a chaotic environment.

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Glanbrook

Scenes featuring vintage aircraft and hangar interiors were filmed at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Glanbrook, Ontario.

The museum’s impressive collection of vintage aircraft, coupled with its authentic period setting, provided a perfect backdrop for several key scenes in the film.

It serves as a reminder of the human stories behind these technological marvels and that leaves a lasting impression on the viewers.

Who’s in the cast?

The cast of Fingernails includes the following:

  • Jessie Buckley as Anna, Ryan’s girlfriend
  • Jeremy Allen White as Ryan, Anna’s boyfriend
  • Amanda Arcuri as Sally
  • Luke Wilson as Duncan, Anna and Amir’s boss
  • Christian Meer as Rob
  • Riz Ahmed as Amir, Anna’s co-worker and love-interest
  • Annie Murphy as Natasha, Amir’s girlfriend
  • Juno Rinaldi as the principal
  • Varun Saranga as Garth
  • Clare McConnell as Carrie
  • Nina Kiri as Liane
  • Jim Watson as Andy
  • Katy Breier as Alexandra

What is the plot of Fingernails?

A strange new test that removes a fingernail determines if couples are truly in love. Anna starts working at the company that does the weird thing and keeps this a secret from her boyfriend. She grows close to a co-worker, Amir, who also has feelings for her.

When Anna tests her nail against Amir’s, it shows unrequited love between them. She convinces her boyfriend to retake the test and they pass, but she still sleeps with Amir. What a peculiar way to measure love!

Where to watch Fingernails?

The film was released on Oct 27, 2023 in limited US theaters and on Nov 3, 2023, the movie has started exclusively streaming on Apple TV+. You can watch the film with a subscription like other popular Apple TV+ originals, including Ted Lasso and Severance.

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