Where was Face Off Season 4 filmed? Netflix Show Locations

Netflix has recently licensed Face Off Season 4 and viewers are going crazy over its filming locations. The fourth season of the American reality competition TV series originally aired in 2013 on Syfy, and now, it is available for Netflix subscribers.

The series has been entertaining viewers for over a decade. Now heading into its fourth season, fans are itching to learn all about the behind-the-scenes details of the show. One of the most intriguing aspects is finding out exactly where Face Off films their elaborate challenges and reveals.

For a show about creating stunning Hollywood-level monster makeups and effects, you might be thinking that the series would film on a Hollywood studio backlot. However, the actual filming for the show takes place far from the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown.

Let’s break down the filming locations used throughout the series.

Face Off Season 4 Filming Locations

Face Off Season 4 was primarily filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada inside the United States, with the finals taking place at Wynn Hotel in Paradise. According to reports, filming of the show was done during summer 2012.

Las Vegas, Nevada

While each episode features different filming sites for the spotlight challenge, the main production base for Face Off Season 4 was prepared in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The majority of studio segments, including the reveal stages, coachings, and eliminations were filmed on sound stages in Las Vegas.

Face Off season 4 filming in Las Vegas
Courtsey of Syfy

Vegas is no stranger to hosting elaborate productions. With experienced crews and a large talent pool, Las Vegas has become a popular hub for filming competition shows. Other series like The Voice have set up shop in Vegas sound stages as well.

The desert climate also provides ample sunlight year-round for filming on the show’s intricate sets. Las Vegas ends up being an ideal location for Face Off’s home base.

Though based in Vegas, Face Off sends its contestants all over the Southwest for filming on location challenges like Love in the Wild series, where contestants are randomly grouped.

Challenges during filming of Face Off Season 4

Season 4 saw contestants travelling to destinations like Wynn, Paradise to film in ghost towns, movie ranches, and nature parks. Some of the most memorable Face Off Season 4 location challenges include:

Desolate train sets and towns at Apacheland Movie Ranch in Wynn, Paradise. Used for a post-apocalyptic wasteland challenge. The lush Watcher’s Woods at Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino for a wood nymph challenge.

Challenges during filming of Face Off Season 4 featuring winner Anthony Kosar
via Syfy

The Cactus Garden at Ethel M Chocolate Factory in Henderson, NV for a botanical challenge. The neon signs at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas for a glow-in-the-dark challenge.

By utilizing these scenic outdoor filming locations, Face Off is able to produce stunning environments that inspire and test the artists each episode. It allows for organic creativity using real-world settings.

Who won the season 4 of Face Off?

Anthony Kosar from Chicago, Illinois won the fourth season of Face Off, the episode premiered on March 26, 2013 on Syfy.

Here’s a list of Face Off Season 4 contestants:

Name of ContestantHome
Troy Rivers (34)Indianapolis, Indiana
Michael Faust (31)Austin, Texas
Katie Machaiek (26)Owls Head, Maine
Jenna Green (40)Austin, Texas
Alam Park (24)Seattle, Washington
Autumn Cook (35)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Meagan Hester (29)Ossinig, New York
Eric Zapata (22)Austin, Texas
David “House” Greathouse (41)Cleveland, Ohio
Eric Fox (37)Riverside, California
Kristian “Kris” Kobzina (41)El Segundo, California
Wayne Anderson (27)Fort Myers, Florida
Anthony Kosar (26)Chicago, Illinois

The judges were Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick, Neville Page, Michael Westmore (mentor), and McKenzie Westmore (hostess).

When did Season 5 of Face Off come out?

The season 5 come out five months after the premiere of season 4 finale on Syfy channel.

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