BTS Yet to Come Shooting Location, Desert Location Revealed with other details

The South Korean band BTS has released their most anticipated song Yet to Come on 10 June 2022. As fans were expecting, the video clip is beyond any fan’s expectations and emotional as well. BTS Army is ready to trend the song once again on all social platforms with everything they have got.

The scenes featured in the song were beautiful and simple. That is the main reason behind their popularity, BTS army loves simplicity and so as the K singers. You might be wondering where was the shooting took place.

Where was BTS Yet to Come filmed?

BTS’s Yet To Come was filmed inside Mojave Desert, Las Vegas inside Nevada. The desert arid region borders with southeastern California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. MCN shared that Taehyung got injured during the filming.

Mojave Desert is located in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the Southwestern United States. It was named after indigenous Mojave people and today it is famous for having the hottest air and surface temperature recorded on Earth. It is the second largest hot desert in North America after The Chihuahuan Desert.

The video reflects many past eras and older music videos and the recently released behind the scenes video revealed that the entire shooting took place in Nevada desert without using a green screen. Director has released the music video while filming was ongoing, the cast and crew members can be seen in the Instagram video.

Another scene shows Taehyung walking away while closing his coat buttons. When the filming wasn’t taking place, the staff makes sure that V’s eyes were protected with goggles, Koreaboo reported. The team members were facing hardships during the sandstorms but despite of running away, V and others continued the filming process to represent something beautiful for BTS Army.

Even though, sandstorms were coming, heatwaves were there, director V made it look effortless. It would’ve difficult to film the scenes of Yet To Come with heat and the amount sand surrounding the idol was extreme.

In the end, all the scenes were perfectly taken. The efforts are clearly visible in behind the scenes and the finale result of Yet To Come music video is crazy amazing.

where was Yet To Come filmed
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The song don’t just cast an eye back to the past but also pick up some of the themes that have remained constant throughout the BTS work so far. When the end of an era occurs, a sense of finality can be seen and so as the album “Proof”.

The most beautiful moment in life will keep on progressing and continue to form new peaks of success. BTS is not just a band now, it’s a feeling for us, The BTS Army.

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  1. Mojave Desert is located in California not Nevada. Still a distance from Las Vegas, NV. Just thought you should know where Mojave Desert is geographically located.

  2. ‘Scuse me guys, but the Mojave Desert really does flow across southern Nevada – including the Las Vegas Valley. There’s no question about it. I’ve been there many times – and I’ve also researched this issue pretty extensively. To be sure, most of the Mojave Desert IS in California – but it also extends into small portions of Arizona & Utah, though there seems to be some disagreement on the exact boundaries.


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