Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks Filming Locations, Synopsis, Review

Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks is a 2022 Netflix comedy special documentary directed by Mike Blinder inside an amphitheater. The film is written and hosted by the stand up comedian himself.

Comedian Bill is talking about cancel culture, bad reviews from his wife, feminism, and other common problems of the society as Matt Welsh tried to answer a complicated question in his documentary What is a Woman.

Where was Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks filmed?

Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks was filmed at the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater inside Morrison, Colorado. Principal filming of the movie took place in November 2021 within Morrison, Colorado, United States.

Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks filming locations

The production was done in the exact location where the film sets in. Every small thing was done within the theater and the performance was recorded in front of the live audience.

Bill shared that it was an amazing experience. Another good Netflix standup comedy is Brian Regan On The Rocks that was shot in Utah last year. You can also check that out if you love watching comedies.


The comedian traverses the excesses of abortion, feminism, cancel culture, and his own wife bad reviews within the 82 minutes time fame. It looks like a remix to Bill Burr: Friends Who Kill but the performance proves to be worth watching.


The film is rated 7.9 on IMDb due to the shower of positive reviews from loyal fans of Bill who are not willing to spread any negative emotion in the ratings. When you start reading comments, you will realize that the reviews aren’t really clear.

If you are a fan of Mr. Burr then you will probably love his show. Its funny and sophisticated as always. Bill Burr and David Chappelle, both are fan favorites and there is always a rivalry between the fans that which one better.

As far as the movie is concerned, all the dialogues are excellently written and delivered by Bill. Some folks are also criticizing the audience for their dumb expressions. They have to leave their insecurity at the door to enjoy the show to the fullest.

At the end, you will feel happy and that matters for every standup comedian. Your happiness is the essence of the show. The show is not revolutionary but since Bill Burr is in the cast, it will be fun.

Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks 2022 film is now streaming on Netflix.

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