Where was Baby J filmed? John Mulaney’s Special Locations

John Mulaney’s highly anticipated comedy special Baby J has been released on 25 April 2023. Finally, a Netflix comedy that has the potential to keep the viewers glued to their screens.

This is the first comedy comedy special of Mulaney after leaving rehab stint in 2021. In this unscripted episode, the solo comedian has opened up about his experience with the misuse of drugs on his journey to recovery.

Moreover, the comedian even shared how his friends: Seth Meyers, Nick Kroll, and Fred Armisen planned a Zoom intervention for him in Dec 2020. He had been on a tour from 2021-2022 and in that period, he has even sold T-shirts with “I saw him right after he got outta rehab.” written on them.

Where was Baby J filmed?

Despite his rise to fame in Hollywood, the Chicago comedian has chosen to stay on the East Coast and this is the reason why the shooting was done at Boston Symphony Hall in Boston, Massachusetts inside the United States.

John Mulaney Baby J Netflix

The hall was built around 1900s and was declared as a designated US National Historic Landmark in 1999. It has hosted countless music concerts, political rallies, and other gathering events.

In addition to the beautiful designs and exceptional acoustics, this building serves as the home to the Boston Pops Orchestra and the Handel & Haydn Society. Moreover, the interior has been designed with marbles and other decorations that were popular during the 20th century.

John Mulaney has also filmed his other comedy specials in different East Coast Locations. Whether it should be Skirball Theater or Radio City Music Hall of NYC, the comedian has performed across numemous East coast places including the famous Chicago Theater of his hometown.

John Mulaney perfrorming in Baby J
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As an ex-writer for Saturday Night Live, Mulaney spent most of his time in New York City and that’s why he’s familiar with the venues of New York City.

What is Baby J about?

Baby J is the latest comedy special of Netflix in which John Mulaney is openly discussing about his struggle with addiction and telling us the importance of staying sober. The actor reflects on his former self which refers to as Baby J throughout the show.

He even made jokes about having a “full baggie of 30mg of Adderall, a full baggie of Xanax, 3 grams of cocaine, and $2,000 in cash” before his intervention in Dec 2020. Moreover, the man shares the time when he had to pawn a $12,000 Rolex watch to satisfy his drug cravings.

Recently, the actor has given his voice to oscar nominated animation film Puss in Boots: The Last Wish that was released on 13 Dec 2022.

About John Mulaney

Mulaney is an award winning comedian, actor, writer, and producer who is famous for his relatable humor. The standup comedian was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and you will be surprised to know, the actor has been performing since his college days.

When preparation meets opportunity, we call it as luck and Mulaney got lucky when he was hired as writer for Saturday Night Live. This exposed him to a wider audience and the comedian nailed the role with his humorous sketches, this was the time when he got the breakthrough.

Since that time, John has released five Netflix comedy specials, starred in his own sitcom, and has won several awards and nominations including Primetime Emmy Award, Writers Guild of America Award, and Grammy Award for best comedy for 2019 film ‘Kid Gorgeous At Radio City.’

John Mulaney’s new comedy special Baby J is currently streaming on Netflix inside the United States and other countries.

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