Is Good Mourning on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?

Good Mourning is an American romantic stoner romantic comedy film directed, written, produced, and starred by Machine Gun Kelly with Mod Sun. The movie is produced by Jib Polhemus, Chris Long, MGK, and Mod Sun under Cedar Park Studios and Raven Capital Management productions.

It stars Megan Fox, Dove Cameron, Becky G, Zach Villa, and GaTa with other cast members. The movie released in the US cinemas on 20 May 2022 under the distribution of Briarcliff Entertainment and Open Road Films.

Is Good Mourning on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the stoner film isn’t streaming in the giant library of Netflix right now. But there are various romantic films that you can watch on the same network like Bad Trip, 365 Days 2, Puff: Wonders of the Reef, The Contractor, The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience, First Kill, Game Over Man(2019), Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics, Warren Jeffs doc, etc.

Does Amazon Prime have Good Mourning?

Prime Video subscribers will be disappointed to learn that the weed film isn’t included in the regular Amazon Prime Video subscription. The movie is not streaming in the huge content library of Amazon Prime but it is included in the VOD section where you can rent or purchase the film.

You can also stream various other films similar to this film like High Society, The 40-year old Virgin, Step Brothers, Neighbors, Superbad, 12 Monkeys, Predestination, etc.

Where can I stream Good Mourning?

The movie is available to rent or purchase from the following digital platforms: Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu, Microsoft Store, Redbox, Spectrum On Demand.

Good Mourning where to watch

Apple TV and Prime Video are providing the film on rent for $4.99 while Google Play, YouTube TV, VUDU, Microsoft Store, Redbox, and Spectrum are renting for $6.99. Among all the VOD platforms, Apple TV is the only one that is providing a 4K version of the film while rest of the streaming networks are providing an alternative HD version only.

What is the best way to watch Good Mourning?

The best way to watch Machine Gun Kelly’s stoner film is by purchasing it from VUDU or Amazon Prime at $6.99 in HD quality. If you want to watch the movie in 4K quality then you need to purchase it from Apple TV for $12.99 as it is the only place where 4k version is available.


  • Machine Gun Kelly as London (as Colson Baker)
  • Mod Sun as Dylan
  • Megan Fox as Kennedy
  • Becky G as Apple
  • Zach Villa as Angel
  • Dove Cameron as Olive
  • Gata as Leo
  • Jenna Boyd as Sabrina the Stalker
  • Boo Johnson as Fat Joe
  • Amber Rose as Weed Girl
  • Avril Lavigne
  • Dennis Rodman as Basketball Cameo
  • Rickey Thompson as Workout Demon
  • Tom Arnold as Famous Director
  • Pete Davidson as Berry
  • Andrew Ortenberg as Simon
  • Brock Everett as Big Cop
  • Paris Nicole as Wife
  • Adin Ross as Airport Worker
  • George Khouri as Drake Look-a-Like
  • Brittany Furlan as Waitress
  • Matthew Jayson Cwern as Ritual Leader
  • R.J. Johnson as Buff Guy (as RJ Johnson)
  • Snoop Dogg as The Joint
  • Rob Kee as Rich Jerk
  • Whitney Cummings as Maxine


A movie star London Clash receives a text from his actress girlfriend Apple that reads Good mourning instead of Good Morning. His life turned upside down when he receives a role in a major motion picture on the same day of receiving the text from his girlfriend.

Now, he has to choose between his true love and a life-changing career. He must figure out what that text means or she will break up with him. But so as his career opportunity, he can’t let it go so easily. It will be like kicking gold car away.

Lakshya Kaushik

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