Where is We have a ghost filmed? Is the movie scary?

Christopher Landon has released the long awaited horror comedy film We have a ghost for all their horror fans. The movie has just released on Netflix on 24 Feb 2023 and is receiving positive response from the audience.

Based on a 2017 short story “Ernest” by Geoff Manaugh, the movie follows the Presley family as they come together to help Ernest and protect their home from the mysterious figure.

The film is produced by Dan Halsted and Marty Bowen, edited by Ben Baudhuin, and cinematography is done by Marc Spicer under Legendary Pictures and Temple Hill Entertainment. Even though the horror sets in Chica

Where was We Have a Ghost filmed?

We Have a Ghost was filmed in and around the neighborhood New Orleans, Louisiana, United States during mid-2021. Production of the movie began on 28 June 2021 and concluded on 30 August 2021.

Director Landon revealed in a press brief that filming was never the biggest challenge, it was the environment. That’s why, they shot the movie in the dead ass of summer in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Ida that halted the shooting for about a month.

Jahi Winston as Kevin Presley in We have a ghost movie
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Filming was done in Donaldsonville city, a local news provider reported while the shooting was taking place at Lemann Memorial Center, the building was transformed into the CIA office. Other locations around the city includes the Midway Grocer, Louisiana Square, French Quarter, and Uptown.

The park overlooking the Ascension Parish Courthouse was also used for filming along with Donaldsonville’s historic district where car chasing scenes were filmed. Netflix released the official trailer on 26 Jan on their official YouTube Channel in which Railroad Avenue can be clearly seen.

We Have a Ghost Cast

The cast of 2023 horror movie includes Jahi Di’Allo Winston as Kevin Presley, David Harbour as Ernest, Anthony Mackie as Frank Presley, Erica Ash as Melanie Presley, Niles Fitch as Fulton, Isabella Russo as Abigail Presley, Tig Notaro as Officer Gallagher, Tom Bower as Grandpa, and others.

What is the plot?

The movie follows the Presley family, who move into a new home only to discover that it is haunted by a ghost named Ernest. As they spend more time at the property, they realize that Ernest is not dangerous as they ever imagined.

We have a ghost on Netflix

He just wants to get fame and become popular. As the family works together to help Ernest, they become internet sensations overnight after Kevin captures a photo of her mother with a ghost and uploads on the internet. The picture gets millions of hits but the curious nature of Kevin makes him the next target of CIA.

Is We have a ghost scary?

We Have a Ghost is not a particularly scary movie, but it does have some suspenseful moments. According to writer-director Christopher Landon, the movie is more about the relationships between the characters rather than about the scares.

He also said that he wanted to make a movie that was more about the emotional journey of the characters rather than about the scares. So, it’s not accurate to call it as a scary movie but rather an emotional comedy movie like Netflix’s Die Hart and Hello Tomorrow! on Apple TV+.


We Have a Ghost is an entertaining and funny horror-comedy movie that has been well-received by critics and audiences alike.

It features an excellent cast, great performances, and an interesting story that is sure to keep viewers engaged throughout.

The movie also suffers from some corny moments and an out-of-left-field reveal but, overall, the supernatural horror movie is an enjoyable movie that is suitable for the whole family.

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