Where is Vacation House Rules filmed? HGTV Show Locations

Vacation House Rules is a Canadian TV series developed by the real estate expert Scott McGillivray and his design partner Debra Salmoni under his own production unit.

In the show, Scott helps homeowners in transforming their vacation properties into lucrative rental properties by using his years of experience, strategic renovations and inspired designs.

The series premiered its first episode in 2020, and four seasons have been released so far. A fifth season currently airing in April 2024 and is already topping the streaming charts on HGTV Channel in the US.

Produced by McGillivray Entertainment, the series showcases some of Ontario’s most picturesque vacation destinations as the backdrops for its home transformations.

From the rugged beauty of the Haliburton Highlands to the charming lakeside retreats of Muskoka, the filming locations have become as much of a highlight as the stunning makeovers themselves.

Vacation House Rules Filming Locations

Vacation House Rules was filmed in Ontario, Canada, within a 2-3 hour drive of the Greater Toronto Area, as per the casting call.

Vacation House Rules filming in Haliburton County

The show has featured locations in the popular cottage country regions, including Haliburton County, Muskoka Municipality, and Wasaga Beach.

Principal shooting for the season one took place in summer 2020 and wrapped within two months.

This filming pattern has been consistent throughout four seasons, but the actual shift happened in the fifth season, when the shooting took place a year before the premiere.

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Haliburton Highlands

The Haliburton Highlands, with its sparkling lakes and dense forests, has provided the perfect setting for many of Vacation House Rules’ renovations.

Scott and his design partner, Debra Salmoni, have breathed new life into a variety of properties in this region, from cozy cabins to waterfront cottages.

The area’s rugged natural beauty makes it an ideal location for a peaceful getaway.


Muskoka is a renowned cottage country destination that has been featured prominently on the show. With abundance of lakes, rivers, and forests, Muskoka offers a variety of vacation property styles.

Wasaga Beach

While the show primarily focuses on lakefront properties, Wasaga Beach has added a touch of coastal charm to the series.

This lively resort town boasts the longest freshwater beach in the world, that makes it a popular vacation spot among tourists.

With its sandy beaches and lively boardwalk, Wasaga Beach provides an awesome backdrop for the show’s waterfront home makeovers.

Scott and his crew have transformed dated beach houses into charming rental properties where travelles wanted to stay.

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Behind The Scenes

No matter which Ontario locale is featured, Vacation House Rules always highlights the amazing potential of these vacation properties. With Scott’s expertise and the designers’ vision, even the most tired old homes get turned into must-visit getaways.


Scott helps homeowners across Ontario in fixing up their vacation properties so they can make money renting them out. The homes he works on are in some really beautiful parts of the province, and those locations have become just as much of a highlight as the renovations.

Vacation House Rules Review

Five seasons in, and I’m still hooked on Vacation House Rules! It’s like flipping through a dream vacation rental magazine, except you get to see the amazing transformations from drab to fab.

Scott’s a likeable host, even if he yells a bit much sometimes. Debra’s design ideas are on point, always making these houses feel cozy and stylish.

Sure, the budgets they show might not always be super realistic, but that doesn’t take away from the inspiration. I love seeing how they make the most of every space, and the tips they share are definitely helpful for anyone thinking of renting out their own place.

Plus, who can resist those gorgeous lakefront or mountain views? They always make me want to pack my bags and head out on a getaway!

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