Where is Paldonia located? Is Freelance movie location real?

The recent release of the action-comedy film “Freelance” has ignited a surprising wave of travel interest in Paldonia, a fictional war-torn country depicted in the movie

Paldonia is depicted as a quaint and scenic country, with coastal towns, rolling green hills, and magnificent mountain ranges that serve as a backdrop to many of the movie’s action set pieces.

The capital city of Paldonia was brought to life through a combination of on-location shoots in Bogota and set designs that capture the old-world charm of its cobblestone streets.

Where is Paldonia located
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Yet despite its beauty, the country is also shown to have an underbelly of political unrest and criminal activity that drives much of the film’s conflict.

After a military coup ousts, president, private military companies and mercenaries descend upon the vulnerable nation to profit from the chaos.

This forces the film’s hero to traverse both the picture-perfect and the dangerous sides of this fictional land.

While viewers are aware that Paldonia doesn’t exist, the film’s landscapes and rich cultural elements have sparked curiosity and a desire to experience something similar.

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Where is Paldonia located?

Paldonia is a fictional country that doesn’t exist on official maps but it has made a huge impact on the travel industry.

The film’s success has sparked a trend of “Paldonia-inspired” travel packages, offering tours to locations with similar landscapes and cultural experiences.

Alison Brie on the Paldonia Island in Freelance movie
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This unexpected phenomenon highlights the power of film to ignite wanderlust and inspire exploration.

From its age-worn monasteries to its crumbling Cold War architecture, the town appears frozen in time, untouched by modernization.

For many fans, getting a glimpse of this little-known but captivating land is one of the highlights of the buzzed-about Freelance.

Freelance Movie Plot

The movie follows the story of Mason Davies, a former Special Forces soldier turned freelance bodyguard hired to protect journalist Claire Wellington as she travels to Paldonia for an interview with the country’s president and dictator Juan Venegas.

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