Where is Joe Millionaire filmed? 2022 Filming Locations & Cast

Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer is a 2022 reality dating show primarily filmed at Lake shore manor, Georgia. Lake Shore Manor is a grand estate of Jackson, GA which was used as a prominent filming location for the shooting of Joe Millionaire show along with some scenes featuring Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, United States. The reboot of the American dating series is produced by SallyAnn Salsano under Fox Entertainment and 495 Productions. However, the show was created by former Fox Chief Mike Darnell that follows a millionaire bachelor searching for a bride.

Joe Millionaire: Richer or Poorer Filming Locations

Principal Photography for Joe Millionaire 2022 was done in Jackson and Atlanta inside Georgia. The filming lasted for more than a year and the Covid-19 played a key role in the complex shooting of the series. The female candidates and CEOs were wisely picked up and their backgrounds were verified carefully that took time.

The Lakeshore Minor is an event facility located at 26 Lakeshore Drive, Jackson which is famous for lake view terraces, lush gardens, and huge bathrooms. Some scenes of the new Joe Millionaire were reportedly filmed in Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia which serves as the shooting location for Naomi, Single Black Female, and some superhero series as Loki.

Millionaire Joe: Richer or Poorer Cast

As the show reads, 18 women will date two men in hopes for making a love connection, one of them is an average Joe while the other one is a millionaire.

Joe Millionaire Richer or Poorer cast

Who are two men casting in Joe Millionaire 2022?

They are Kurt F. Sowers and Steven McBee. Kurt is a 32-year-old construction CEO from Charlotte, North Carolina while Steven is 27-year-old farming CEO from Gallatin, Missouri.

Who are the 18 women?

  • Amanda Pace
  • Whitney Young
  • Amber S.
  • Rachel Vinson
  • Suzette James
  • Andreea M
  • Calah Jackson
  • Jennie K
  • Carolyn Moore
  • Brookell B
  • Katy Johnson
  • Doris Cano
  • Breanna Hagen
  • Monica Aksamit
  • Caroline Campbell
  • Suzan E
  • Annie Jorgensen
  • Sara S.
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