Where can I stream A Spy Among Friends?

Espionage series have always been in trend and when the rivalry is between British and Russian intelligence, things become even more interesting, A Spy Among Friends is one such type of series that will give you a serious and suspenseful feeling.

The 2023 British espionage series is based on the novel of the same name by Ben Macintyre and follows the story of an MI6 officer Nicholas who gets in complete shock when he learns that his close friend and colleague is a British intelligence offficer and KGB double agent.

Directed by BAFTA winning director Nick Murphy and written by Alexander Cary, the series is produced by Chrissy Skinns and Damian Lewis under Ginger Biscuit Entertainment, ITV Studios, Veritas Entertainment Group, and Sony Pictures Television.

A Spy Among Friends Where to Watch?

A Spy Among Friends is exclusively streaming on MGM+ inside the United States, on ITVX & Britbox in UK, on MagentaTV in Germany, and on Canal+ in France.

In case, you are wondering what the hell is MGM plus, it’s just the new name of EPIX network. Let’s know more about the newest content streaming platform.

Where can I watch A Spy Among Friends series
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On 18 Feb 2023, Amazon staff published an article that says, EPIX has been relaunched as MGM plus and all the EPIX originals will now stream on this new network starting from 15 January.

The head of MGM+ also said that the network will feature all your favorite shows as Godfather of Harlem, Murf the Smurf, Ark, Earth Abides, Hollywood Black, The Devil Within, etc. Moreover, they are plannning to produce future seasons of their critically acclaimed shows.

What is the plot?

The series moves dramatizes the real-life story of two British intelligence officers and close friends namely Nicholas Elliott and Kim Philby who worked for MI6 during the 1960s.

Along with the spy mindset, the series will introduce you to various kind of feelings like suspense, betrayal, deception, loyalty, friendship, and love.

Is the Spy Among Friends on Netflix?

Is A Spy Among Friends on Netflix

Unfortunately, the true espionage series is not available to stream on Netflix but there are several good spy thriller shows on Netflix that you will enjoy watching such as The Spy (inspired from a real Mossad agent who went undercover), Homeland, Bodyguard, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Americans (series about two KGB spies), etc.


Even though, the show is filled with lots of brilliant actors, the role of Guy Pearce as Philby should be appreciated the most. We have to say, the actor nailed his role as the Soviet double agent.

The acting seem so natural that for one sight, we mistakenly understood Pearce as the real Philby and Damian as Elliott.

On the other hand, the role of his friend is played by Damian Lewis and he seem to have done a pretty good job as well.

The show begins slow with the rising friendship between the two MI6 officials in the late 50s and eventually takes us to the fallout of Philby’s deceit in the finale episode.

Is Spy among friends worth watching?

If you ask me, I will recommend watching it because the show is compelling and packed with lots of thrilling scenes. The mini television series has the quality of scenes that every espionage viewer admire and will not let you leave the seat until the end.

The personal betrayal of Philby on the height of Cold War left the British and American intelligence in utter shock and resulted in the gutting of CIA and MI6. A Spy Among Friends is the six-part episode series that is based on personal papers and unseen British Intelligence files.

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