Tron 3 Release Date, Disney Cast, Plot & Trailer Announcement

Tron 3 or Tron Ascension is the third film of the sci-fi action film franchise and a planned sequel to release in 2014. However, the film was delayed several times since 2015 and didn’t get any official air date yet as of 2022. One thing is confirmed that the upcoming movie is in the hands of director Joseph Kosinski who is directing the film under Walt Disney Pictures Studio. The main storyline of Tron follows the son of Flynn who gets transported into a virtual reality known as The Grid where he(Sam), his father(Kevin), and an algorithm(Quorra) is assigned to stop the malevolent program Clu from invading the new world.

Is There a Tron 3 Coming Out?

Yes, A third film is confirmed to release sometime in the near future but no release date is confirmed till now. There were certain rumors that Tron 3 has started filming in early 2022 but we haven’t heard any official announcements or statements from the Walt Disney Studios yet that would confirm the news regarding the production.

Tron Ascension movie poster

If we could believe that the shooting began in early 2022 then the third part is expected to release in 2023 considering the post production period will take some time. However, these good news don’t please our ears because we have heard the fake news so many times. However, the above poster was real like Disney’s Zombies 3 trailer that was released in Oct 2021.

T-R-O-N 3 has been delayed so many times

In 2013, Kosinski said that a TRON sequel is in progress and Justin Springer will be the producer. In 2014 Bruce Boxleitner revealed that the third part of the filming will began this year. Some other channels shared the shooting will took place in Vancouver, Canada in October 2015 under the title Tron: Ascension. However, the movie was reportedly cancelled on 30 May 2015, THR reported. The decision was taken amid failure of Tomorrowland(2015 film) but in Sep 2015, Hedlund shared the news the film isn’t dead totally and can happen in future.

In 2017, Joseph Kosinski announced in a Q&A session that the Tron: Ascension hasn’t cancelled but it was in a cryogenic freeze. Then, we was finally able to heard the words of Disney which states that the network was looking forward to continue the franchise. Jared Leto was assigned to play the character of Ares and in Sep 2020, we saw Jared was getting ripped for Tron 3 production.

This Instagram post and Disney words are the true proof that Tron 3 timeline is well planned but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the shooting will begin soon. But we can definitely expect to see another film until someone come out of nowhere announcing that the franchise is ended. A fun fact: 9 July 2022 is the 40th anniversary of Tron’s first movie that came out in 1982.

How many Tron movies are there?

There are only two Tron movies available and a third is under progress. First Tron movie came out in 1982 while the second Tron: Legacy took 28 years to release.

Tron 3 cast and trailer

Tron 3 Cast

Jared Leto(Ares), Olivia Wilde(Quorra), and Garett Hedlund(Sam Flynn) are the only cast members who are confirmed to make his debut in the new Tron 3 film. Rest of the stars aren’t announced yet. In 2021, fans were speculating that Bruce Boxleitner will be casting in the role of Edward Dillinger Jr. instead of Cillian Murphy cameo.


Neither any trailer nor any teaser is released that could provide us details about the arrival of upcoming Tron movie.

What will happen in Tron 3?

Since the third installment is arriving after a long time, it will no longer continue the story after Tron Legacy but it will be full of scientific elements that will leave you stunned. The story follows a digital human hybrid, Sam and an isomorphic algorithm who are working together to save the world from Clu program who is planning to attack on the real world. This movie will be focusing on the artificial intelligence Quorra as she will get an entry into the actual world with Sam. She will take sometime to adapt in the new world and get to know other human emotions.

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