Hollywood Movies coming out in January 2022 | Here’s the countdown

The wait is over and it’s time for the final showdown, the list of Hollywood Movies coming out in January 2022. The most anticipated movies of Jan 2022 are Morbius, Scream, and Redeeming Love but there are numerous other films that gonna make your new year better and give you an awesome start just like Split, Final Destination 2, Paddington, Blackhat, The Grey, American Sniper, Kung Fu Panda 3, Cloverfield, The Father, etc.

Which Hollywood movies will be released in Jan 2022?

Here’s the list of most anticipated Hollywood Movies that are releasing in Jan 2022. Various Hollywood movies are lined up to release in 2022 but here’s the list of most awaited ones.

The 355(7 Jan 2022)

Jan 2022 begins with the action thriller film of Oscar nominated actress Jessica Chastain. The film is about the special squad that has to team up for a special mission, a top secret lethal weapon is acquired by some mercenaries that can cause massive destruction if someone doesn’t stop them.

To infiltrate the deadly weapon, CIA agent Mace has to team up with former M16 ally Khadijah, Columbian psychologist Graciela, and a German badass Marie while a mysterious woman is moving one step ahead from the team and keeping an eye on every step of Mace. The film is set to premiere on 7 Jan 2022 in US cinemas.

Morbius (28 Jan 2022)

Marvel fans will be glad to know that another legendary character of MCU is adapted into a film, Morbius is the story of Dr. Michael Morbius(Jared Leto) who is suffering from a rare blood disorder that turned himself into a vampire in an attempt to save others from the agony. The film is scheduled to be release in the United States on Jan 28, 2022.

Morbius release date 2022
Dr. Morbius in Marvel film

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild(28 Jan 2022)

While the possum brothers, Crash and Eddie are looking for some fun and thrilling adventure, they accidentally break the ground and entered into the lost world with danger everywhere. Eventually, the brothers met their old one eyed friend, Buck Wild who rescued them while they are running from dinosaurs.

The film is set to premiered on Disney+ inside US, Canada and Latin America on 28 Jan 2022 while the release date is delayed in some regions like UK and Australia up to March 2022 because of technical issues.

WHO WE ARE: A Chronicle of Racism in America(14 Jan 2022)

The documentary film moves around the talk of lawyer Jeffrey Robinson who discusses the US history of anti-black policies and racism in two hours. Jeffrey’s presentation not just like any other doc but a compelling and interesting presentation that looks compelling. Racism is bad and is justified in the movie in the 2021 Heartland International Film Festival. This is also among the Hollywood movies that are coming out in 2022. It is about to release on 14 Jan 2022 for all US regions.

Belle(14 January 2022)

Belle is a Japanese animated movie that follows a high school girl name Suzu who entered into a massive virtual world to save herself from the eyes of strangers who keeps taunting her. In the world of U, she transformed as a famous singer, Belle who is loved by the people all over. However, she also embarks on an emotional quest to discover the identities of some mysterious creatures that keeps on coming in her way. The movie has a theatrical release in Japan in 16 July 2021 and is set to come out in the United States on Jan 14, 2022.

Are there any other Hollywood movies that are coming out in Jan 2022 in your knowledge? If yes then let us know in the comments . It will be a great addition to the article.

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