The Curious Case of Natalia Grace Where to Watch for free?

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace has been recently released on Discovery ID on 29 May 2023 at 9 PM. If you have missed the premiere then worry not, the 6-episode docuseries is still streaming online, you just need to find the right network.

An Indiana couple adopted a 6-year old Ukrainian girl in 2010, an orphan suffering from a rare bone growth disorder that causes dwarfism.

Unaware of that disorder, the couple started raising Natalia as their own children but some days later, they found themselves in a situation that they have never imagined, the girl was an adult with sinister intentions of harming Barnett family.

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace is trending among true-crime series fans because it provides a thorough analysis of the Natalia Barnett case.

Is The Curious Case of Natalia Grace on Netflix?

No, the latest Investigation Discovery series has not started streaming on Netflix but there are several documentaries based on true crime events like Mindhunter, House of Secrets, Dahmer, Inventing Anna, Catchihng Killers, Unbelievable, Dirty Money, Cinversations with Ted Bundy, The Keepers, The Innocent Man, etc. with your Netflix subscription.

Is Natalia Grace documentary available on Amazon Prime Video?

Unfortunately, there is no option to watch the three part docuseries on Amazon. Neither it is included in the Prime Video subscription nor it has been included at its marketplace or e-com store so that you can purchase it for a fixed price.

However, if you are having a Prime Video subscription then you can watch other crime-thriller docs Ted Bundy, Lorena, Free Meek, Unseen, No Place to Hide, Dear Zachary The Impostor, American Tragedy, The Staircase, Kidnapped: Natascha Kampusch, You Belong to Me, I Don’t Like Mondays, The Investigation, etc. for Free.

Where can I watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace?

The 3-day televised docuseries was first released on 29 May 2023 at 9:00 PM on Discovery ID channel. If you have missed the premiere then you can watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace series on Discovery+ by taking an Insider membership.

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace documentary streaming

Discovery plus is available in most of the countries including US, UK, and Canada. So, you won’t face any difficulty in watching the documentary series.

Moreover, it can be watched on-demand on Fubo, Sling, DirecTV Stream, or Hulu+ Live TV. So, if you are having subscription to any of these streaming services then congrats and happy streaming.

Is there a way to stream The Curious Case of Natalia Grace for Free?

Currently, there is no ethical way to stream the Discovery original mini TV series for Free. Even though, some are promoting some unsafe methods to watch the show for free but you ended up in trouble if you use those methods as it may lead to data theft and your device might end up getting infected with the virus.

So, we don’t recommend any free or illegal methods to stream the content online. Watch it by taking an insider membership of Discovery+ that is 100% safe and secure and allow streaming in Full HD quality along with other suspenseful docuseries that will leave you shocked.

Who is Natalia Grace Barnett?

Natalia was a six year old orphan girl adopted by an Indiana couple Kristine and Michael Barnett in the year 2010, a year later the release of Orphan movie. We made it clear that the 2009 Orphan was not inspired from this incident.

It follows a nine year old Russian girl named Esther adopted by Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard. As the time passes, the couple starts to experience strange and murdeous behavior of Esther, the same goes with Natalie.

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