Stacy DeGrandchamp Murder: Where is Holly Boisvert today?

Stacy DeGrandchamp was a 17-year-old high school student from For Wayne, Indiana. She was excited to start her senior year and had plans to go to college and study computers but who knew, one fateful night would change everything.

That sinister night arrived on August 15, 2002. Stacy DeGrandchamp went to a party at a friend’s house. Her bestfriend Holly was also there.

Even though they used to be very close friends, they had grown apart over the past couple years.

How did Stacy DeGrandchamp die?

When Holly saw Stacy DeGrandchamp, she got very angry for some reason and then, the two girls started arguing and fighting in the backyard.

Witnesses heard Holly say that Stacy was “going to take a [beating] tonight.”

Stacy DeGrandchamp high school photo when she's wearing a swimsuit
Courtsey of Investigation Discovery

The fighting turned violent and at some point during the fight, Holly stabbed her with a knife but Stacy was able to walk away from Holly, but then she collapsed in the driveway.

She was bleeding badly from the stab wound and tragically, she died from her injuries, as per WANE.

The police investigated, but at first they could not prove who stabbed Stacy Degrandchamp. So for many years, it remained a mystery who killed her.

Was Holly Boisvert arrested?

Holly moved away to another state but Stacy’s family kept pushing authorities for further investigation.

Finally, after 17 years, the police reopened the case and found evidence showing Holly was responsible.

Holly Bosvert coming out from police car
Courtsey of WANE15

In 2020, Holly admitted she stabbed Stacy and pleaded guilty to a charge called voluntary manslaughter. She will be spending a long time in prison for her crime.

Where is Holly Boisvert now?

Holly Boisvert is currently in prison in the state of Indiana, having been sentenced in early 2022 to 20 years for voluntary manslaughter.

According to IDOC, she will remain incarcerated until at least May 2030, at which point she may be eligible for parole if she maintains good behavior while in prison.

Her exact location within the Indiana prison system is not provided, but this helps clarify that she is serving her sentence under state custody.

This was a very sad case where a fight between former friends turned deadly.

Stacy’s life was cut short before she could follow her dreams. Her family experienced a terrible tragedy they will never forget.

Cases like this show why violence and knives are never the answer to disagreements.

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Lakshya Kaushik

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