Where was ‘Ships in the Night’ Filmed? Hallmark Filming Locations

Ships in the Night is the third part of your favorite Martha’s Vineyard mystery series streaming on 17th January at Hallmark Channel now. If you are wondering about the filming locations and cast of the movie then read till the end. Let’s explore the places where this movie was filmed.

Where was ‘Ships in the Night’ Filmed?

Hallmark’s Ships in the Night was filmed in British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver island also looks similar to Martha’s Vineyard Island in Massachusetts minus the mountains. The filming started in August and lasts for around 2 months.

However, it was planned to start in March but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the shooting was delayed. Also, the cast was in quarantine 14 days prior to filming in August too.

Ships in the Night Cast

Jesse Metcalfe as Jeff

You have seen Jesse in DWTS, a hit movie of Bruce Willis called Hard Kill, and various holiday-themed movies like Chesapeake Shores, Christmas Under the stars, A Country Wedding, Chase, Passions, Smallville, etc.

Sarah Lind as Zee

You will find her casting in Smallville, Cold Blood, The Humanity Bureau, True Justice, Mentors, Punch, Taken, etc.

Nelson Wong as Andy

This actor can be find in Van Helsing, A Firehouse Christmas, Lucifer, The Good Doctor, On the Farm, The Good Doctor, Stop the Wedding, Blueprint to the heart, Riverdale, Wedding Planner Mystery, etc.

John Murphy as Derek

This man is famous for casting in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Cold Squad, Cats & Dogs 3, Somewhere Between, Arrow, Ruby Herring Mysteries, etc.

Eric Keenleyside as Chief Madieras

The man playing the role of chief in this movie can be found in Hawkeye, Cedar Cove, Winter’s Dream, iZombie, A Christmas to Remember, Winter’s Dream, etc.

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