21 Sad Anime That Make Your Eyes Wet!

Anime is a great way to escape the stresses of the world, but sometimes it’s nice to watch something that’s a little bit sad. Sad anime can be a great way to reflect on your own life and appreciate what you have.

There are a lot of anime out there with intense, dramatic plots and storylines that can make viewers feel a wide range of emotions. However, there is one anime that consistently ranks as the saddest of them.

21. Death Note

Death note is one of the saddest anime

There are a lot of anime out there with intense and dark storylines. But, no anime is quite as heartbreaking as Death Note. The story follows Light Yagami, a high school student who finds a mysterious notebook that has the power to kill anyone whose name is written in it. Light decides to use the notebook to rid the world of criminals, and quickly becomes known as Kira. But as Light’s power grows, so does the number of deaths he causes. And, as Light is forced to deal with the consequences of his actions, he begins to realize that the life he wanted may not be as perfect as he thought.

Death Note is a dark and emotional anime that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The story is full of twists and turns, and you never know what’s going to happen next. The characters are well-developed and interesting, and you’ll find yourself rooting for them one minute and hating them the next. The ending is absolutely devastating. Yagami is really an amazing male anime character that keeps on motivating us to do good but sometimes the way we chose is not always right.

20. Naruto

Naruto is a sad anime ever made

The story of Naruto is one of loss and heartache, from the very beginning. It follows the life of a young boy who is shunned by the village he grew up in and is constantly searching for acceptance and a place to belong. Along the way, he experiences many hardships and losses that few other characters in anime have had to endure.

One of the most heartbreaking moments in the series is when Naruto’s best friend and surrogate brother, Sasuke, betrays him and leaves the village. This event kicks off a chain of tragedies that continue to plague Naruto throughout the series.

Many of the characters that Naruto meets along his journey are killed in battle, or else lose their lives in other tragic ways.

19. True Tears

True Tears is an anime full of emotional turns

There are a lot of sad anime series out there, but few can touch the raw emotional power of True Tears. The story follows Shinichiro Nakagami, a young man who is struggling to come to terms with the death of his mother. When he meets a beautiful girl named Hiromi Yuasa, he is determined to make her his new friend, but she is aloof and distant. Hiromi seems to be hiding something, and Shinichiro is determined to find out what it is.

As the story progresses, Shinichiro discovers that Hiromi is hiding a terrible secret. She is in fact a cryokinetic, someone who can manipulate water molecules and create ice. Hiromi’s ability is a burden to her, and she is constantly afraid that she will hurt someone she loves. Shinichiro comes to understand that Hiromi is a special person, and he is determined to help her overcome her fears.

18. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day anime characters

Yes, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is the saddest anime ever. It’s so sad, in fact, that it’s hard to watch. The story follows a group of friends who have drifted apart after the death of their friend Menma. They are brought back together when Menma’s ghost appears to them and asks them to help her fulfill her wish.

The story is sad, but it’s also beautifully written and well-acted. The characters are believable and sympathetic, and the ending is absolutely heartbreaking. If you’re looking for an anime that will make you cry, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is definitely it.


Shouya and Shouko in A Silent Voice anime series

When it comes to anime, there are so many different titles that can make you feel a multitude of emotions. From happy and light-hearted, to dark and depressing, anime can cover it all. However, out of all the different titles out there, one anime in particular reigns supreme as the saddest of them all: A SILENT VOICE.

A SILENT VOICE tells the story of a young boy, Shouya Ishida, who is tormented by his classmates because he is deaf. Unable to take the abuse anymore, Shouya lashes out and bullies his classmate, Shouko Nishimiya, mercilessly. However, after Shouko transfers to a new school, Shouya realizes the true extent of his actions and sets out to make amends.

What makes A SILENT VOICE so heartbreaking is the fact that the story is based on true events.

16. Wolf’s Rain

Wolf's Rain is also one of the saddest anime involving animals

Wolf’s Rain is a 2003 anime series created by writer and director Tensai Okamura and produced by Bones. The series tells the story of four wolves – Kiba, Tsume, Hige and Toboe – who are on a quest to find the legendary paradise of Eden, which is said to be a place where they can find peace and be free from the constant fear of being hunted and killed. Along the way, the wolves are joined by other characters, including a young girl named Cheza and a blind man named Darcia.

The series has been praised for its strong characters and emotional story, and has been called one of the saddest anime series of all time. The final episode in particular is often cited as being particularly heartbreaking, with many fans feeling that the series ended on a very sad note.

15. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is another sad anime

The anime Violet Evergarden tells the story of a young woman who was once an automaton soldier but is now trying to learn the art of letter writing in order to become a scribe. The show has been praised by fans and critics alike for its beautiful animation, its well-developed characters, and its emotionally powerful story. However, what makes Violet Evergarden one of the saddest anime shows ever made is the fact that it explores some very dark and deeply emotional themes.

14. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online anime series is another heart melting series

Sword Art Online is a popular anime that has generated a lot of discussion online. Some people feel that it is one of the saddest anime ever made while others feel that it is overrated. I believe that it is one of the saddest anime that I have ever seen. The story follows Kazuto Kirigaya, also known as Kirito, as he plays the virtual reality game, Sword Art Online.


Saddest kids anime Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is a post-apocalyptic anime about the aftermath of a massive earthquake that hits Tokyo. The anime follows the story of two siblings, Mirai and Yuuki, as they struggle to survive in a city that has been completely destroyed.

The anime is beautifully animated and the characters are well-developed. The plot is interesting and the ending is satisfying. Overall, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is a great anime and it is definitely worth watching.

12. Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories sad anime series

Plastic Memories is a 13-episode anime television series produced by Aniplex and aired in Japan from April 5 to June 28, 2015. The story follows Tsukasa, a young man employed by the Giftia Corporation, which produces androids known as Giftias. Tsukasa’s job is to retrieve Giftias that have gone “wild” and exceeded their service life. Several good female anime characters are there to entertain you which will not let you fall in boredom.

11. 5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters Per Second anime series

5 Centimeters Per Second (2007) is an anime film directed by Makoto Shinkai. The film tells the story of two young people, Takaki Tono and Akari Shinohara, who are in love but are separated by their families’ moves to different cities. The film follows their attempts to maintain their relationship across the distance.

The film has been praised for its beautiful visuals and emotional storytelling. It won the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year in 2007.

10. Steins Gate

Steins Gate is also one of the saddest anime ever made

The protagonist of the series, Okabe Rintaro, is a self-proclaimed mad scientist who has a knack for making up ridiculous theories and has a tendency to overthink things. He suffers from a number of mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, which are often made worse by his paranoia.

One day, he discovers that he is able to send emails that change the past, and he starts using this power to try and solve the mysteries of the world. However, his thinking was wrong. Allover it is a good anime to watch in sad anime category.

9. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan anime series

The Attack on Titan anime is a sad and often dark series that follows the story of a group of young people as they fight to survive against the giant, man-eating Titans. The anime is based on the manga series of the same name, which was created by Hajime Isayama.

The story of Attack on Titan is set in a world where humanity is forced to live behind walls in order to protect themselves from the giant Titans. These Titans are seemingly mindless monsters that wander around the world, eating humans for no apparent reason. The story follows the adventures of Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, a group of young people who join the military in order to fight against the Titans.

8. Wolf Children

Wolf Children is a sad kids anime

Wolf Children is a 2012 Japanese animated film written and directed by Mamoru Hosoda. It tells the story of a young woman, Hana, and her two half-wolf children, Ame and Yuki, as they struggle to adapt to the challenges of a life in the wilderness.

The film has been praised for its strong emotional content, as well as its visual style and animation. It was nominated for the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year, and won the Audience Award.

7. Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April is a sad romantic anime

“Your Lie in April” is a sad anime because it is about a boy who is trying to come to terms with the death of his mother and the fact that he can no longer play the piano. He meets a girl who helps him to reconnect with the piano and to start to heal his emotional wounds. However, the girl eventually dies, leaving the boy even more devastated. The ending is very sad and leaves the viewer feeling emotionally drained.

6. Akame ga Kill!

Akame Ga Kill anime TV series

“Akame ga Kill!” is a sad anime with a dark and serious tone. The anime is set in a world where the rich and powerful rule over the masses, and the poor and weak are forced to suffer. The anime follows Tatsumi, a young man who joins the resistance in order to fight against the corrupt government and help the people of his country.

The anime is full of violence and death, and it is often heartbreaking to watch the characters suffer but the sadness is balanced with the hot anime girls that are featured in the anime series as Akame.

5. Charlotte

Charlotte anime series showing girls with superpowers

“Charlotte” is an anime produced by P.A. Works and Aniplex. It tells the story of two teenagers, Charlotte and Yū, who suddenly gain supernatural powers. Charlotte becomes obsessed with using her powers to make people happy, while Yū becomes obsessed with using his powers to protect people. The two eventually meet and fall in love.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal alchemist is no doubt a sad anime

First and foremost, let me say that I’m a big fan of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It’s one of my favorite anime shows.

With that said, I think it’s fair to say that the show can be quite sad at times. There are a lot of emotional moments and tragic events that occur throughout the series.

One of the most heartbreaking moments in the series comes in the final episode, when Alphonse sacrifices his own body in order to revive his brother Edward.

3. Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the fireflies sad anime based on true story

The 1988 Studio Ghibli film Grave of the Fireflies is often cited as the saddest anime movie ever made. The story of two siblings struggling to survive in the aftermath of World War II, Grave of the Fireflies is a powerful and emotionally devastating film that leaves a lasting impression.

The film’s devastating power comes from its realistic and unflinching portrayal of the horrors of war. It is a film that does not shy away from the brutality and devastation that war brings.

2. Angel Beats

Anime Beats anime

There are many sad anime out there, but “Angel Beats” is one of the saddest. The story is about a young boy named Yuzuru Otonashi who dies in a car accident and wakes up in the afterlife. He is greeted by a girl named Yuri who tells him that he has been sent to the afterlife because he has not had a fulfilling life. Yuri leads Yuzuru and a group of other students in a battle against God, who has been cruel to them.

1. Clannad After Story

Tomoya and Nagisa makes a sweet couple with a small girl child

This is an anime about a high school student named Tomoya Okazaki. After his mother dies, his father marries another woman and moves away, leaving Tomoya to live with his grandmother. He meets a girl named Nagisa Furukawa, who is a senior in the same high school. She is very shy and has been absent from school for a long time due to illness. Tomoya becomes friends with her and helps her to re-join the school.


The purpose of this listicle is to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the anime genre that elicit feelings of sadness and despair. While some anime are designed to provoke a sense of happiness and joy, there is a segment of the anime fandom that enjoys exploring the more melancholic and somber aspects of the medium. This listicle showcases a variety of anime that fit within that category, and will hopefully provide viewers with an appreciation for the wide range of emotions that anime can evoke.

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