Where was Mix Up in the Mediterranean Filmed? Hallmark Cast & Filming Locations

Mix Up in the Mediterranean is a Hallmark movie whose story moves around a dreamer Josh(Jeremy Jordan) who works at a diner in Alaskan hometown that once owned by his parents. Now, he wants to prove himself by taking his diner to a completely different level and set his family legacy. In his journey, he encounters his twin brother Julian(also played by Jeremy Jordan) who is a great chef with a massive fanbase and falls in love with the event organizer Meg(Jessica).

Mix Up in the Mediterranean Filming Locations

Mix Up in the Mediterranean was filmed in various locations of Valetta and Phoenicia Malta Hotel which is located just outside Valletta inside the Malta country of Europe. The shooting was started in December 2020 and completed within the same month. Most of the filming takes place around the Phoenicia Malta Hotel.

Other filming locations are Merchant’s Street, Naxxar’s Palazzo Parision, The Tritons Fountain and Upper Barakka Gardens in Valletta inside the South European archipelago of the Mediterranean aka Malta islands.


Jessica Lowndes as Meg

Jessica is in the role of Meg Wescott or event organizer. She is known for casting in various Hallmark movies as Too Close for Christmas, Merry Matrimony, Over the Moon in Love, Magical Christmas Ornaments ,etc.

Jeremy Jordan as Josh/Julian

Jordan is playing a double role in the film as Josh and Julian. His other credits include Supergirl(Winn Schott), Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure(Varian), The Flash(Win), Smash, etc.

Other Cast members are:

  • Callum Blue as Henri
  • Michelle Martin as Heiki Mueller
  • Mikhail Basmadjan as Tim Kinsella
  • Edward Degaetano as Etienne Leduc
  • Stephen Oliver as Chester Peele
  • Emelie Ulfeby as Deirdre Zidane
  • Antony Edridge as Preston Wescott
  • Nadia Sohawon as Annie Leroux
  • Nicholas Jackman as Patrick O’shea

Mix Up in the Mediterranean Hallmark movie is currently streaming on the official website of Hallmark Channel from 20th February 2021.

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