Lupin Part 2 release date on Netflix, Cast & Plot

Lupin Part 2 demand is really rising among comedy-drama fans of Netflix so definitely there will be another part for this French series. However, there is an official confirmation that the show is renewed for part 2 and it will premiere in 2021 but no release date has been revealed. Let’s find out the possibilities that will be happening in the second part.

Lupin Part 2 Release Date on Netflix

Netflix is yet to confirm the official release date but according to our research Lupin part, 2 will be released in April 2021. This part will continue the story after episode 5 and there will be a total of 5 episodes. In that way, Lupin season 1 will have 10 episodes in total on Netflix.


Assane Diop as Omar Sy

Our main character is still alive to cast in Lupin part 2 as we saw him chilling at the end of part one. Director Louis reveals that they were trying to make Lupin’s character more modern and charismatic to adapt young generation but nothing really worked. So, they left his character natural.

Ludivine Sagnier as Claire

Claire is also coming for another part.

Other major cast members as Pellegrini(Herve Pierre), his daughter Juliette(Clotilde Hesme), and his wife Anne(Nicole Garcia). Police Captain Romain Laugier and his team also returning that include Youssef, Sofia, Benjamin Feral, and Fargass Assande.


Without giving too much away, part 1 among Lupin left on multiple significant cliffhangers in Diop’s revenge storyline, as the budding heist-meister was becoming thoroughly entangled within an even wider net of deception and widespread corruption. In addition to this, he needs to achieve his first mission to show that the Pellegrini family’s misdeeds and clear his father’s title. An entirely ordinary to-do list.

We will likely find a change in Diop’s typical assurance and smooth motions. “His principal instrument is his mind; he’s problems working together with his emotions –his stomach and heart. So now his son is at risk [and] he might need to work together with his intuition, and he never did,” Sy said, adding that, in the process, we will see Diop eventually becoming a dad, because”you cannot be a daddy only with your mind “

Netflix’s Lupin has become the first French-series to debut on Streamer’s US Top 10 list. What will happen according to you in the Lupin part 3? Let us discuss this below.

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