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John Booker Routledge, famously known as John B is the main character of Netflix’s Outer Banks TV series. The role John B Outer Banks is portrayed by an American actor, Chase Stokes(real name of John B). His father went missing while saving a sunken ship but the man is putting everything to uncover his mysterious disappearance.

Following his footsteps, the son hired a group of people to continue his search and this leads to the beginning of new adventures at the river banks. In OBX season 2, he kept in the prison under the charges he wasn’t guilty for. JJ plans the escape of his best friend that allowed John B to come out from the jail successfully while Ward Cameron was paid to execute John Booker inside the prison only.

How old is John B from Outer Banks?

He looks like a 20 years old running through marshes of coastal North Carolina but John B is 29 years old in real life. However, he is 17 years old in Outer Banks TV series making him 12 years younger than his actual age. His love interest Sarah(portrayed by Madelyn Cline) is 24 whom the protagonist was dating but her character isn’t alive in the series. Other than her real age, JJ is 23, Pope is 22, and Kie is also 22 years old.

John B Outer Banks Father

Big John is the dad of John B Rutledge who is shown at the ending scene of OBX season 2. He is still alive as Carla visited him at someone’s house in Barbados. But this might be a flashback scene that happened before the beginning of S2. However, if this wasn’t a flash then the story gonna be interesting for season 3 when Big John trying to help his son.

John B Outer Banks

What car does John B outer banks drive?

John B drives a Volkswagen T2b combi car in OBX Season 1 Episode 5. The car is a kind of van that has a windshield Riddled with Bullet holes. Those type of Vans are still manufacturing in Europe but not transporting to the United States.

How tall is John B Outer Banks?

John Booker is 6 feet and 1 inches or 185 centimeters tall and weighs around 145 lbs in 2021.

Why does JJ call John B Bree?

JJ is the best friend of John B Outer Banks since the 3rd grade. He calls B Bree as a sign of his long lasting friendship and as a unique nickname. Many fans think JJ stands for John J and his name is kept short due to prevent the confusion between John B and Big John.

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