Is Spencer movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Where to stream Spencer?

Spencer movie is a biographical drama and a psychological study of Princess Diana directed by Pablo Larrain. The movie starring Kristen Stewart as Princess, Timothy Spall as Major Alistair, Freddie Spry as Harry, Jack Nielen as William, Sean Darris as Darren, Stella Gonet as The Queen, etc. It highlights the shocking decision of Diana to leave the royal family and her relationship with Prince Charles, the princess made the decision due to the growing distance from her husband Charles. The film is a good attempt to show what happened after her decision behind the scenes but where can you stream Spencer movie, is it on Netflix?

Does Netflix have Princess Diana’s biopic Spencer?

Spencer movie is streaming on NETFLIX right now in some regions according to CBS Local. It will take some time to arrive in the United States and other countries worldwide. Till there, you can watch The King, Royal House of Windsor, Who Killed Malcolm X, Rapture, Miss Americana, BLACKPINK, etc.

Spencer Movie Netflix

Is Spencer on Amazon Prime Video?

The biographical drama is not yet available for Prime Video subscribers but it will be available to stream on the same platform in the near future inside the VOD section. So, users can rent or purchase the royal drama at a specified price. Moreover, Amazon Prime subscribers can watch William and Kate instead.

Where to watch Spencer movie?

Spencer is streaming in the US cinemas since 5 November 2021 and avid viewers can watch the movie by booking tickets to your nearest cinema hall on Fandango. The distribution rights are owned by Neon which is known to release the films on VOD platforms. So, we can expect the movie to go through the same phase and become available to watch online after 3-4 weeks of theatrical release.

About Spencer

Spencer is an honest attempt to show the consequences of Princess Diana’s shocking decision to move away from the Royal family. It starts with her bittersweet conflicts with husband Prince Charles that become ugly over time and eventually the princess decided to end the relationship with a divorce. During the 1991, rumors of affairs were floating in the market but somehow the Royal family busied themselves in the Christmas preparation.

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