Is Lil Mabu dating Chrisean Rock after new diss on Blueface?

Lil Mabu and Chrisean Rock just lit the internet on fire with their spicy new diss track “MR. TAKE YA B*TCH.” The song is piping hot tea being served by two of hip hop’s feistiest rising stars and has also sparked rumors that the two rappers are dating each other.

In “MR. TAKE YA B*TCH,” Mabu throws epic shade at Chrisean’s ex Blueface, bragging about stealing his girl. Meanwhile, Chrisean makes it crystal clear she is #over Blueface and ready to ride into the sunset with her new man Mabu. Ouch, talk about rubbing salt in the wound!

The track has become a viral sensation on with over 18 Million views on YouTube and over 100 million streams on Spotify in three weeks, and still counting.

Ever since this track dropped, fans have been freaking out over Chrisean and Mabu’s apparent relationship upgrade.

These two have been playing coy about whether they’re official, but their music video chemistry is straight fire.

Between the flirty looks, dance breaks and ice cream sharing, “just friends” don’t really act like this.

So are they or aren’t they? All signs point to heck yes!

Is Lil Mabu dating Chrisean Rock?

Lil Mabu and Chrisean Rock are currently on the stage of seeing each other and they haven’t started dating officially. The recent diss track ‘MR. TAKE YA B*TCH’ has only added fuel to the fire of their ongoing dating rumors and fans have many good reasons to think like that.

Lil Mabu and Chrisean Rock dating
via Lil Mabu x ChriseanRock – MR. TAKE YA B*TCH (Official Music Video)

Many fans have already started speculating that the 18-year-old Mabu and 23-year-old Rock are having a good time together behind the scenes.

A user wrote, ‘This couple just radiates passion and creative energy together and I wanna see more of it.’

Their collabs have propelled them both to viral fame, and “MR. TAKE YA B*TCH” is their hottest track yet. Fans even asked the music artists to collab more often and take their career to the heights.

The way the song is written is so impressive and full of fun. And the fact that it’s a diss aimed at Blueface makes it even more exciting, must-listen for Chrisean Rock Malone fans. She has even starred in Baddies East, a popular reality TV series.

We’re calling it now – Chrisean and Mabu are Hip Hop’s next power couple. Their talents and personalities are a match made in music heaven. Blueface who? Chrisean has clearly leveled up with her new rap Romeo.

So grab some popcorn and get your Finsta fingers ready. Things are just heating up between these two, and we can’t wait to see what fire tracks and PDA moments they bless us with next!

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