Is Four Good Days on Netflix or Hulu? Where can I watch 4 good days?

Four Good Days is an American drama film directed and produced by Rodrigo Garcia, the film is based on the true story of Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist Eli Saslow who writes for Washington Post. It shows an emotional journey of a 31-year old Molly who begs her estranged mother to help in battle against heroin addiction that has derailed her life. The mother’s love is real and her mother, Deb throws herself into the final attempt to save her beloved daughter from the merciless grip of drugs addiction. Let’s find out where you can stream the movie?

Is Four Good Days on Netflix?

No, the movie is not yet included in the giant library of Netflix till now but there are several options available to watch instead such as Divines, Yes Man, The Impossible, 6 Balloons, Defiance, Greater, etc.

Is Four Good Days on Netflix

Is Four Good Days on Amazon Prime Video?

The movie is not available to stream with an Amazon Prime subscription but you can rent or purchase it from the same platform and then watch it as Titans Season 3 You can also watch The Social Network, Jobs, Whiplash, The Shawshank Redemption, etc.

Where to watch Four Good Days?

Four Good Days is streaming on Hulu for it’s subscribers. Hulu also offers a 7-day free trial so you can also watch the movie for free if you are subscribing for the first time. Other than Hulu, You can rent/buy the film on VUDU, Prime Video, Spectrum and Apple TV.


The story touches true humans emotions and the person watching the movie deeply imagines him/her in the same place. This is the harsh reality but true, nowadays many youngsters and some adults finds drug as the best way to solve their problems. But later this becomes an addiction and the person falls in a trap from where recovery is extremely painful.

Molly barely calls to her mom but her mother’s love for her was eternal and this is the reason she reached at the moment when she received the call of her beloved daughter. Her mother wants to save her girl anyhow from Drug addiction and eventually defeat. We should talk to our friends, family members, or our closest person if we are struggling with something.

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