When it comes to the list of best mockumentary sitcoms, THE OFFICE always topped the chart. The workplace comedy series is developed by American screenwriter Gregory Daniels for the NBC Universal Television.

The show is itself based on another British television series of the same name created by Ricky Gervals and Stephen Merchant for the BBC Worldwide. However, this American version of series gained more eyeballs and love from the audience.

Let’s find out the places where you can watch this office series right now.

How to watch The Office for Free?

All nine seasons of The Office are exclusively streaming on NBC’s Peacock right now. You can watch the first five seasons of the series for Free by watching ads on Peacock. S1-S5 are FREE but for remaining seasons(S6-S9), you need to take a premium subscription to the NBC’s streaming service.

How to watch The Office

A Peacock premium subscription costs around $5.00 per month which is almost equal to the Ted Lasso’s streamer Apple TV+ subscription that costs around $4.99 a month. However, this plan include annoying ads. If you want to watch the series without any advertisements then you need to take a Peacock premium plus plan for $10.00 a month.

There is a difference between Peacock Plus and Premium as Plus costs $5 more than the premium plan. But you don’t see ads in plus while ads are shown in premium.

Can you watch The Office on Netflix?

Sadly, The cringe comedy series is no longer included in the giant content library of Netflix and subscribers won’t be able to stream it. The show was one of the most watched shows on Netflix that attracted a lot of new users but it was removed later.

The Office Netflix

Is The Office returning to Netflix in 2022?

The show was permanently removed from Netflix on 31 Dec 2020 because NBCUniversal acquired the streaming rights for the show to stream it on Peacock and the show is not returning anytime on Netflix in 2022 or later.

So what, You can still watch a lot of similar workplace comedies with a Netflix subscription like Parks and Recreation, Superstore, After Life, Cheers, Arrested Development, Cuties, etc.

Is The Office Free with Prime?

Unfortunately, the mockumentary TV series is not yet streaming for Prime Video subscribers but you can still watch all seasons of this sitcom by purchasing it digitally from Amazon Video. It’s not even included in the Amazon Prime subscription and it’s not free on Prime.

The Office on Amazon Prime

You can also watch other similar shows like Upload, Mozart in the Jungle, Modern Love, Abbot Elementary, Nathan For You, The Comeback, People Like Us, etc.

Is The Office on Disney+ Plus?

Yes, Office is streaming on Disney+ but it’s not that Office that you have been looking for. You are looking for American version but Disney is streaming the Indian sitcom prepared by Hotstar. Even though, it follows a similar pattern as it has been also adapted by the same BBC series, only two seasons are available for that.

Is The Office streaming on Disney+

About The Office

The workplace comedy series follows the everyday lives of Scranton branch manager Michael Scott and office employees at the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. People are enjoying the show so much and calling it as the best sitcom of all time.

So much to relate too. All the characters are having their own personal lives and the best part is that you will feel attached to some of the characters of your type. It is relatable and literally that piece of clothing that never goes out of fashion but todays generation demands more.

Even though, this was the best pastime for a generation, cringle comedies don’t work nowadays.

Lakshya Kaushik

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