Where was Double Dad Filmed? Filming Locations & Cast

Double Dad is the latest Portuguese film streaming on Netflix with original audio and English subtitles. The story moves around an 18-year old girl who goes on a journey to Rio to know about her real father. It is directed by Cris D’Amato and written by Renato Fagundes & Thalita Reoucas. Many fans are comparing this film with American classic Mamma Mia while others are finding movie plot similar to What a Girl Wants.

Double Dad Filming Locations

Netflix’s Double Dad was filmed in several places inside Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the beginning of 2020. Now, let’s explore the specific places where the movie shooting took place.

Double Dad filming locations

The plot is very interesting and funny as Vicenza turns 18, she moves out in search of her real father while her mom goes on a trip to India.

Barra da Tijuca, Rio De Janeiro

This place is an expensive area of Brazil and well-known for its costly properties, restaurants, bars, and beautiful decoration. Moreover, Barra beach also comes under this place.

Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro

Petrópolis is famous as a tourist place where you will find Serra dos Oragos National Park and delightful waterfalls. Maisa also shared a photo of Santa Tereza where we can see foreign restaurants along with Vicenza and other characters.



Maisa Silva as Vicenza

Maisa Silva is popularly known as Brazil’s sweetheart and playing the role of the main protagonist in the Double Dad movie. Her other credits include in Carinha de Anjo, Disk Duny, Anything for a Pop Star, Carrossel 2: O Sumiço de Maria Joaquina, etc.

Eduardo Moscovis as Paco

Eduardo is casting as Paco in the film. You will find him in several TV series like Family Matters, Lúcia McCartney, Rules of the Game, The Awakener, Good Morning Verônica, etc.

Laila Zaid as Raion

Laila Zaid is playing the role of Vicenza’s mother, Raion in the movie. She lived in a remote Brazilian commune with her daughter. Other cast members are Marcelo Medici as Giovanne, Fafa de Belem as Mae Lua, Pedro Otonni as Cadu, and Thaynara Og as Lucinha.

What do you think will happen in the ending of the Double Dad movie? Has Vicenza been able to discover her real dad?

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