Don’t Go Breaking My Heart Hallmark Movie Cast and Plot Details 2021, Where was it filmed?

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart is another Spring romance by Hallmark Channel that will unite two of the famous stars Italia Ricci and Ryan Paevey. You can easily recognize the leading cast members as they have been featured in some famous Hallmark films as Love in Winterland, Rome in Love, Designated Survivor, Chasing Life, A Timeless Christmas, etc.

Where was Don’t go Breaking my Heart filmed?

Don’t go Breaking My Heart was filmed in Langley, British Columbia inside the Canada Province. The shooting was started around January 2021 and concluded on February 2021. The filming completed within 3 weeks during the Covid-19 pandemic in accordance with rules.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart Hallmark Movie Cast

Dont Go Breaking My Heart hallmark movie cast
Jordana Largy as Kim; Ryan Paevey as Ben

Italia Ricci (Miranda Faraday)

Italia Ricci is a Canadian actress who is casting as Miranda in this Hallmark movie. She is popularly known for her role in an popular American TV show Designated survivor as Emily Rhodes. Her other credits include in Supergirl as Silver Banshee, Chasing Life, etc. You have also seen her in another Hallmark hit Love in Winterland with Chad Michael Murray and Jack Turner.

Ryan Paevey (Ben)

Ryan Paevey is playing the lead role of Ben in the film. His first film with Hallmark channel was Unleashing Mr. Darcy that is also one of the popular titles at the film network. His other roles include in A Timeless Christmas, Matching Hearts, From Friend to Fiance, Harvest Love, etc.

Jordana Largy (Kim)

Jordana Largy casting as Kim, the sister of Ryan Paevey in the movie. You can recognize from the cast of Blackstone TV series under the role of Amber as she gained a lot of popularity and recognition after doing the series.

Cast of don’t go breaking my heart film

  • Doron Bell as Leo
  • Malaika Jackson as Misty
  • Matthew James Dowden as Bing Williams
  • Cynthia Mendez as Señora Cornejo
  • Tiffany Mo as Jessica
  • Caitlin Stryker as Chloe
  • Drew G. Sicard as Emmett
  • Caitlin Stryker (Chloe)
  • Matthew James Dowden (Bink Jackson)
  • Beverley Elliott (Helen) Tiffany Mo (Jessica)
  • Doron Bell (Leo)
  • Luke Camilleri (Dex Finnegan)
  • Cynthia Mendez (Senora Cornejo)
  • Malaika Jackson (Misty McAllister)
  • Synthia Yusuf (Jennifer)
  • Drew G. Sicard (Emmett)
  • Rhona Rees (Gayle)
  • Kazumi Evans (Client)
  • Cameron Park (Simon)
  • Owen Walstrom (Stunt Coordinator)


Miranda’s Breakup Boot Camp, a program she developed to assist heal the just lately broken-hearted, is taking off,” a synopsis reads. “In her newest group is Ben, a journalist, who regardless of his declarations that he’s fully unaffected by his latest break-up, agrees to attend as ethical help for his sister.”

The story does not look great but cute. Italia Ricci showed her best skills in the movie along with Ryan. There’s a big wide river near the huge mountains of LaJunta and the people of British Columbia also cooperates with the crew. In the film story, Ben looks skeptical at first but as the movie progresses, he decides to attend her ex’s Bootcamp after seeking a job promotion.

Miranda finds that Ben is a bit more durable to crack than a few of her different college students, however is set to rise to the problem—nonetheless, he has an enormous secret. Here’s a sneak peek for Don’t Go Breaking My Heart Hallmark Movie.

“What she doesn’t know is that Ben’s boss has tasked him with writing an undercover exposé to see if this boot camp is the actual deal or giving individuals false hope,” the synopsis states.

The two ultimately start to really feel a connection, resulting in some blooming romance—however ultimately, the reality will come out, and Miranda could discover herself having to take a web page out of her personal lesson e book.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart movie is currently streaming on the Hallmark Channel after its official release on Saturday, 27th March 2021 at 9 PM ET.

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