Delirium movie Emma Roberts Where to Watch? Is it streaming?

If you’re hoping to watch the 2014 psychological thriller Delirium featuring Emma Roberts, you may be out of luck. This little-known film had a limited release and has gained a cult following over the years.

With intriguing concepts like love being deemed illegal and emotions wiped through a special surgery, the American horror has unique premises, not seen in many young adult films.

Read on for details on the best places to stream, rent or purchase this film, so you don’t miss out on the entertaining story. We’ll cover all your viewing options across platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and more.

Is Delirium movie starring Emma Roberts on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Delirium is not currently available to stream on Netflix. The psychological thriller has not been present in Netflix’s offerings since the original release of the pilot.

Delirium movie Emma Roberts Netflix

Unless Netflix strikes a new licensing deal, fans should not expect the Emma Robers movie to be streaming there anytime soon.

However, you can watch a lot of amazing teen thriller shows in Netflix’s library of movies and shows like The Vampire Diaries, Fuller House, Outlander,

Can I Watch Delirium through My Amazon Prime Subscription?

Amazon Prime Video usually has many movies for subscribers to watch. However, Delirium is not currently included with a Prime membership.

Delirium Emma Roberts 2014 Amazon Prime

It’s not part of the free catalog of films accessible with a regular Prime subscription. Moreover, you cannot rent or purchase the movie at some fixed price as it’s not included in the VOD section.

But if you have a Prime Video subscription, you can watch Cruel Summer, The Wilds, Supernatural, Zone of Interest, The Summer I Turned Pretty, Smallville, Legacies, Kurt Warner movie, The Originals, Reign, The Next Step, etc.

Is Delirium on Hulu or Hulu + Live TV?

Hulu subscribers will also be out of luck when it comes to streaming Delirium on demand. The network’s current catalog does not include the fantasy romance movie in any capacity.

Is Delirium 2014 on Hulu

Even If you upgrade to the Hulu + Live TV plan, you won’t be able to watch this film. However, you can watch many similar shows with your Hulu subscription. Some examples include Pretty Little Liars, The Rookie, Smallville, and The Gypsy Rose Blanchard documentary.

Is Delirium (2014) movie on HBO Max or Disney+?

Unfortunately, you cannot stream Delirium on HBO Max or Disney+ either. These popular streaming platforms both offer thousands of popular movies and shows, but when it comes to stream the (2014 Emma Roberts movie), they are empty-handed. You’ll have to look elsewhere if you want to watch this thriller.

Is Delirium (2014) movie on HBO Max or Disney+

DVD and Blu-Ray Options

For those who still enjoy physical media, Delirium is available on DVD for around $7 and Blu-ray for approximately $12 from major retailers like Amazon and Target.

Having the discs on hand does allow repeat viewings whenever desired. But digital rentals or purchases provide more convenience and instant access if you don’t mind an online-only viewing experience.

Is Delirium Available on Any Cable Channels or Live TV Streaming Services?

At this time, the fantasy film does not appear to be accessible through any standard cable channel listings or live TV subscription streaming providers such as Sling TV, fuboTV or DirecTV Stream.

Availability on these platforms can always change in the future though if one of them opts to include the Emma Roberts pilot in its package.

Why Isn’t Delirium Widely Available?

Delirium had a very limited theatrical release in March 2014, playing in just a handful of theaters. It was released on DVD later that year but failed to garner much attention or acclaim.

The psychological thriller earned mediocre reviews from critics and audiences, which likely contributed to its obscurity. Many reviewers felt the plot was too predictable and derivative. While lead actress Emma Roberts delivers a solid performance, the movie as a whole falls rather flat.

Is Emma Roberts Delirium movie streaming anywhere

After its initial home video release, Delirium seemed to disappear entirely. Clearly, streaming services and digital retailers don’t see enough demand or profit potential to justify licensing rights to such a forgotten film. For now, this 2014 film remains extremely difficult to track down legally.

That said, some collectors or superfans may be willing to part with their DVD copy for the right price. Check eBay or Amazon third-party sellers to see if a used DVD version pops up for sale. But don’t get your hopes up for finding an official streaming option anytime soon.

Is Delirium Completely Scrubbed from the Internet?

It would be dramatic to say Delirium has been scrubbed clean from the entire internet. As mentioned, you can still purchase a physical DVD copy if you search for it.

And of course there are less-than-legal methods for watching movies no longer available through mainstream channels (which we cannot recommend or promote!).

However, for all intents and purposes, Emma Roberts 2014 movie has essentially been forgotten and may forever stay extremely niche.

Short of an unlikely revival or cult following developing years later, this Emma Roberts misfire will probably never gain a digital release or return to prominence.

The inability to stream Delirium demonstrates the fickle and unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry. Smaller films can easily fade into nothingness if they fail to make an immediate splash upon release.

Luckily, there are still physical media collectibles floating around for this one. Mainstream viewers will likely never get another chance to watch it.

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