Cruel Summer Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online, What to expect from Ep 9?

Cruel Summer Episode 9 is coming out this Tuesday in its respected time slot. Created by Bert V. Royal, Cruel Summer is an American thriller TV series sets in 1993 inside the sleepy town of Skyline, Texas. The story moves around the disappearance of a popular teenager, Kate Wallis whose body found in the basement of a local man one year later of her disappearance. Coincidentally, the man also died during the rescue operation.

Cruel Summer Episode 9 Release Date & Time

Cruel Summer Episode 9 with the title “A Secret of My Own” will be released on 8th of June 2021 at 10 PM ET on FreeForm website for free. This is the second last episode of season 1 and the finale will appear on 15 June 2021. You can also watch the new episodes on Hulu, AppleTV, Hulu, DirecTV, fuboTV, and YouTubeTV.

Episode 8 Recap

In episode 8, the plot twisted again towards Jeanette as episode 6 and focus on her school life back in 1993, 1994, and 1995 and the weird part is that she breaks friendship with Mallory in 1993 because she doesn’t want to go through the stupid plans of Mallory. Now, Mallory wants to know why Jeanette and Vince are abandoning her while Vince lies about running after spotting a teacher. Jeanette is trying to tell the truth but Mallory doesn’t want to hear a word about Kate.

Cruel Summer episode 9 release date

Martin buys a present(snow globe) for Kate on Christmas eve of 1993 and when she got a phone call the snow globe is playing in the background. Probably, Jeanette stole this globe and keep in her room in 1993 as it has been revealed in the trailer.

Since Jeanette gave Mallory a stolen yearbook from Martin’s house, we can assume that she is the one who can stole snow globe too as she wants to hide her secret proof that she was last seen at Martin’s house.

Cruel Summer Episode 9 Spoilers

In Cruel Summer Episode 9 promo, we saw Kate is running towards Martin’s house and in another scene with Dr. Sylvia Parks, she revealed about her abduction by saying “There’s something I haven’t told you,” Kate told her therapist. “I wasn’t always locked in the basement.”

Probably, it was Mallory and Kate who locked Kate in his basement and at the same time Joy told her husband, Rod that Kate hasn’t been to school. On to which Rod talks about calling cops but Joy assures him that their daughter is fine. But in the latest preview we saw Jeanette in front of the house of Martin Harris.

Cruel Summer is streaming on the Freeform for free now. New episodes are airing on Tuesdays at 10 PM EST.

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