Bleach New Season 17 Release Date & Time, English Sub, Trailer, Plot, Other Updates

Bleach New season 17 has been officially confirmed by Pierrot with a promotional video teaser on the official website and X (formerly Twitter).

The new season of Bleach will begin airing from October 2022. Tomohisa Taguchi is assigned as the director and series composer while the character designing will be done by Masashi Kudo.

The Japanese anime TV series is based on a manga series of the same name written by Masashi Sogo, Tsuyoshi Kida, and Kento Shimoyama. It is one of those series that fans can not let go of.

You probably remember that Ichigo Kurosaki once ruled at the top of the Shonen industry and fans don’t want to see an end of this anime.

When is Bleach New Season 17 Release Date?

Bleach (tv series) new season 17 is officially confirmed and will start premiering from October 2022 on TV Tokyo. Previously, it was revealed that the new season will have a total of 68 episodes.

However, with the new season announcement, it has been also announced that Bleach New Season 17 will be the last season of Bleach anime that will mark an ending of the franchise and will cover hundreds of manga chapters spanning from 55th to 74th manga volumes.

Bleach new season confirmed release date

No official release date is given in October 2022 but we can expect the new season to be released on 15 October that is Ganju Shiba’s birthday, the man is the topmost hater of Shinigami because it was the reason why his elder brother Kaien was killed on the hands of Hollow.

The youngest member of Shiba clan will play a crucial role in the Bleach New Season 17, thousand year blood arc. Since not much is known about his history other than being a loyal brother of Kaien, it will be much thrilling to see his role in the coming episodes.

The energetic music is given by Shiro Sagisu and the character designing is done by Masahi Kudo. Original animation staff is returning with Studio Pierrot as the original production studio. Bleach Season 17 will also be available to stream on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other platforms after the official premiere in Japan.

It has been 17 years since we saw our most powerful anime hero, Ichigo in power for the first time. The original Bleach anime was first premiered on October 2004 up to March 2012 with completing 366 episodes.

Bleach New Season 17 will start with the 367th episode and will not be censored like the previous episodes. So, it is safe to assume that the upcoming episodes will be for mature audience.

Moreover, several new forms other than soul and Shinigami will be seen including Quincy’s final form Vollstandig. Also, the animation of scenes taking place in the soul society will be marvelous.

How many Seasons of Bleach are there?

Bleach anime is having a total of 16 seasons with a total of 366 episodes with a 17th season slated to premiere in October 2022. All the episodes of the anime are licensed under Madman Entertainment inside Australisa, Viz Media in NA, Medialink in SEA, and Manga Entertainment in the UK.

You can stream all the available sixteen seasons of Bleach on Tubi TV for Free, 15 seasons on VRV in English dubbed versions inside Canada and the United States. Crunchyroll is also streaming 15 seasons of the anime series inside USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

Bleach New Season 17 Trailer/ Promotion Video Teaser

An official PV teaser was released on 18 Dec 2021 that highlights Ichigo and his friends preparing to fight against Shinigami and Wandenreich. You can predict the excitement of fans by the fact that this video got more than 2 Million views within first month of releasing.

Just talking about its views of JP Anime YouTube channel otherwise it has crossed 10M+ views within Dec 2021 combining views on all social platforms as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The 1000 year blood arc is about to broadcasted after a long wait of ten years.

What will happen in Bleach new Season 17?

Weekly Shonen Jump 17 reported that Bleach new Season 17 will adapt a thousand-year blood war story arc taken from the original manga series written by Tite Kubo. There is chaos everywhere because Ichigo is missing and the soul group Wandenreich attacked the soul society.

Also, the official synopsis of action, adventure, comedy, drama, supernatural anime reads that the Sennen Kessen-hen will be adapted in the upcoming season which depicts the bloody battle between the Shinigamis and the Quincies.

Bleach Season 17 release date

Now, only Ichigo can save the world from the ruthless attacks by Wandenreich but he has to undergo hard-training and struggle to become an unbeatable warrior. On the other side, Quincy is fighting with Shinigami.

The manga arc: The Thousand-Year Blood War will be adapted for the Bleach new Season 17 narrative, chronicling Ichigo Hollow’s disappearance and global mayhem.

After the covert organization Wandenreich hits the Soul society, the Quincy and the Shinigami engage in an all-out fight. To protect the Soul Society against the Wandenreich, Ichigo Kurosaki must undergo extensive training.

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