1883 Episode 4 Release Date, Spoilers, Preview, Watch Online

1883 Episode 4 is rescheduled to release next week that is 9 Jan 2022 which was supposed to release on 2 Jan 2022. The American drama series is a direct prequel to the Yellowstone series created by Taylor Sheridan, this prequel is also created by the same creator. 1883 started premiering on Dec 19, 2021 on Paramount+ that stars Tim McGraw, Isabel May, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, Eric Nelsen, LaMonica Garrett, etc. It follows the story of ancestral Duttons family who came through Montana to establish Yellowstone ranch at the place.

1883 Episode 4 Release Date & Time

1883 Episode 4 is set to premiere on 9 Jan 2022 at 3:00 AM EDT exclusively on Paramount Plus. The season will be having a total of 12 episodes in total with an average running time of 52 minutes. New episodes are airing on Sundays every week on Paramount like Yellowstone. Amazon Prime Video subscribers can also stream the episodes by installing an add-on of Paramount+ with their subscription.

1883 Episode 3 Recap

In episode 3, we saw the caravan reached the river without that they wouldn’t able to surpass due to stream. The cowboys have to chose in heading towards East or West to skip the river so Shea suggests to head towards east as it is safer. James conflicted the decision and advised to go towards west. Then, Shea and James got involved in a silly fight over route selection. The older cowboy was helpless as he wasn’t on the payroll of Shea.

1883 TV series episode 3 recap

Thomas advised that travelling through west is good as it offers a shorter route to the city. Since, winter is coming quickly, its better to go through the west ignoring water scarcity. Eventually, the group agreed to continue the journey together to the path that everyone liked. Also, James Dutton gives permission to one of the cowboys to court his daughter in the same episode. The episode ended on a dark mode with a shadow voiceover of Elsa that something bad is coming in the way of cowboys.

1883 Episode 4 Spoilers/Summary

We can expect the journey of cowboys will only become difficult with time as they have chosen the route filled with bandits and infamous gangs that can plunder them anytime. James didn’t want the family to fall into any trouble and so as Thomas and Shea who are leading the caravan. They have to watch out for the gangs who can jump into their treasure chest anytime. Their journey becomes much tougher when something evil comes lurking in the dark.

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