Where was Taking The Reins Filmed? Who’s in the cast?

Taking The Reins is another romantic Hallmark movie directed by Clare Niederpruem that follows the story of a writer who goes back to her family ranch to write an article about her passion for horses and why she left it. She is forced to resolve her issues with her father and ex-husband on reaching the place, various mysteries unveil when she starts examining the roots and look through her past experiences. The beautiful ranch featured is within United States. Likewise, most Hallmark movies, this isn’t filmed inside Canada but in the US. Let’s find out the filming locations where this film shooting took place?

Taking The Reins Filming Locations

Taking The Reins was filmed inside the location of Connecticut, United States. The filming began in early July 2021 and wrapped up in August 2021 covering almost 5 weeks. Most of the shooting took place in Marlborough in Hartford Country at the Meadowbrook Horse Farm. Some scenes were also shot at East Hampton in Middlesex Country of Connecticut. Niki Deloach shared an Instagram post working in East Hampton.

Is Meadowbrook a real farm?

Yes, the filming took place inside a real farm named Meadowbrook according to Hallmark Location Video. 75% of the film was shot at Meadowbrook farm that is located at 153 South Road, Marlborough.

Taking The Reins Cast

Nikki DeLoach is casting as Sam in the Hallmark movie. Her credits include in Awkward(Lacey), Days of our Lives(Brenda), Love to the Rescue, Sweet Autumn, Cranberry Christmas, North Shore(Mary), Ringer, etc.

Taking The Reins cast hallmark

Scott Porter is portraying the role of Luke, Sam’s ex-husband who comes into life of Sam once again to solve some issues. His credits include in Lucifer(Carol), Hart of Dixie(George), The Good Wife(Blake), Friday Nights Lights(Jason), Scorpion(Tim), etc.

Corbin Bernsen as Preston, the father of Sam. He is known for The Resident(Kyle), The Christmas Project Reunion, Sunrise in Heaven, General Hospital(John Durant), The Young and The Restless(Father Todd Williams), Psych(Henry), etc.

Other cast members include:

  • Eliza Hayes Maher as Alexandra
  • Janine Turner as Bonnie
  • Fredric Odgaard as Matthew
  • Ilana Becker as Ashley Vale
  • Damien Jimenez as Scott
  • Harry Sutton, Jr. as Announcer
  • Brian Cade as Paul
  • Josh Philip Weinstein as Dr. Dizon
  • Jeorge Bennett Watson as Chauncey
  • Megan McNulty as Amanda
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