Where was One Summer filmed? Hallmark Cast Details

One Summer is the latest romantic Hallmark film directed by Rich Newey. The movie follows an emotional journey of a widower named Jack who who decides to spend his summers in the town of her deceased wife. He is struggling as a single parent to look after his young son and a teenage daughter. Jack meets Jenna in her wife’s hometown who helps him to normalize the grieving process and live a successful life. The beautiful town is from US alone and North Carolina citizens are already familiar with the shooting locations. Let’s find out the exact location where was the movie filmed?

Where is One Summer Filmed?

Hallmark’s One Summer is filmed entirely in the location of North Carolina, United States during July 2021. Principal photography began in the starting of July 2021 and wrapped up within the same month.

Most of the filming took place inside Southport in Brunswick country of North Carolina. The lighthouse scene was shot at the Bald Head Lighthouse(also known as Old Baldy) that is located near Southport at 101 Lighthouse Wynd, Bald Head Island. Some scenes were also shot in Oak Island.

Hallmark One Summer Cast

Sam Page is playing the role of Jack, the widower who is struggling to raise his children after the death of wife, Lizzie. He is known for his roles in Gossip Girl, House of Cards, Adam Ruins Everything, Lie to Me, Desperate Housewives, Mad Men, Scandal, etc.

One Summer Hallmark movie cast

Amanda Schull in seen as Lizzie, the late wife of Jack. Her other credits include in Pretty Little Liars, One Tree Hill, etc.

Sarah Drew is casting in the role of Jenna, the unexpected love interest of Jack who accompanies him to live a good life. The actress credits include in Grey’s Anatomy as Dr Keener, Cruel Summer, Mom’s Night Out, etc.

Other cast members include:

  • Bill Winkler (Fred)
  • Alexa Blair Robertson (Tiffany)
  • Madeline Grace Popovich (Mikki)
  • Elizabeth Becka (Bonnie)
  • Gavin Borders as Cory
  • Bryant Prince (Liam)
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