Where was Metal Lords filmed? Is it based on a true story?

Netflix has released another teenage drama film Metal Lords after the release of The Bubble, and Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood. Even though, this R-rated musical comedy film is set in school period, it isn’t fit for all kind of kids especially the ones who don’t like music. The film is directed by Peter Sollett, written by D.B. Weiss and produced by Bighead Littlehead. It stars Jaeden Martell(Kevin) and Adrian Greensmith(Hunter) along with other supporting cast members who connect the story together. The shooting locations are exactly the real places where actual film sets in. Let’s find out more info about the shooting places.

Metal Lords Filming Locations

Metal Lords was filmed in Portland, Oregon.

Parkrose Middle School and Parkrose High School were featured in the film as the schools where students were studying. Revolution Hall is the place where battle of bands took place. According to real students of the school, the place is used as an auditorium hall for cultural and musical competitions. Moreover, some additional scene were filmed on Lombard Street, St. Johns Neighborhood.

Metal Lords filming locations

Filming was planned to begin by July 2020 but was delayed due to Covid-19 outbreak in the US. Then, in December 2020, Oregon Live reported that the shooting was ongoing. Finally, the filming wrapped up in April 2021.

Portland is an ideal place to shoot this kind of offbeat musical movie. Nicolas Cage’s PIG, The Flash series, Twilight, Coraline 2, Into The Wild, Jackass, Leave No Trace, Chad series, are some popular TV shows and movies which were filmed inside Portland.

Is the Metal Lords movie based on real story?

Most of the viewers think that this movie is based or inspired from some true stories. To be precise, the movie is loosely based on screenplay writer DB Weiss’s childhood memories and his experiences while working in high-school bands during 1990s.

Cast of the Metal Lords

  • Jaeden Martell as Kevin
  • Isis Hainsworth as Emily
  • Brett Gelman as Dr. Sylvester
  • Noah Urrea as Clay
  • Analesa Fisher as Kendall
  • Michelle Mao as Lisa (as Michelle Fang)
  • Phelan Davis as Skip
  • Austin Huynh as Tim
  • Kieran Thomas as Mollycoddle Keyboardist
  • Jonathan Saks as Trombonist
  • Sufe Bradshaw as Dean Swanson
  • Joe Manganiello as Dr. Troy Nix
  • Aroon Nagappan as Mollycoddle Bassist
  • Jalon Howard as Jesse
  • Elliot Orr as Quentin
  • Christopher M. Lopes as Robbie
  • Audrey Jones as Andrea
  • Jeff Steitzer as Janitor Eli
  • Teddy Van Ee as Mollycoddle Drummer Ray
  • Adrian Greensmith as Hunter
  • Dre Slaman as Rehab Receptionist
  • Katie O’Grady as Laurie Schleib
  • Rachel Pate as Ms. Johnson
  • Sami Yacob-Andrus as Sophomore Girl
  • Liam Krug as Remote Kid
  • Grayson Palumbo as Earl
  • Chuck Klosterman as Marching Band Leader
  • Parker Green as Back Row Student
  • Paige Johnson Jones as School Librarian
  • Kain Dracula Ashford as Bass Guy
  • Joseph Bertót as Desk Officer (as Joseph Bertot)
  • David McAndie as Frank Marino
  • Cameron Wake as Hesher in Training #1
  • Parker Hall as Hesher in Training #2
  • Jason Rouse as Moss Security Guard
  • Christian Pereira as Rex
  • Cherish Hales as Ew Girl
  • James McAndie as Joe Marino / Edward Marino
  • Kieran Gettel-Gilmartin as Kid (Calls for Hunter)
  • Scott Ian as Scott Ian
  • Tom Morello as Tom Morello
  • Kirk Hammett as Kirk Hammett
  • Rob Halford as Rob Halford
  • Maya Banitt as High School Student
  • A. Brian Daniels as Teacher
  • Ella DeVito as Party Girl
  • Nevaeh England as Flower Girl
  • Mike D Harris as Faculty / Teacher
  • Dylan Horttor as Background
  • Katie McCabe as Model
  • Lilian McNeil as Wedding Guest
  • Troy Oelke as Perpetrator
  • Kyle Stoltz as Faculty / Teacher & Car Driver
  • Kaleseya as Lisa’s Crew
  • Jovani Ridler as Background
  • Shane Edward Thompson as Wedding Family
  • Chynna Rae Shurts as Concert Girl
  • Rowan Vik as Senior Girl

Why is Metal Lords is R rated?

Metal Lords is an R rated film because it uses foul language, features sexual references, nudity, and drug/alcohol usage throughout the movie. The movie follows all teenagers doing that wrong stuff.


The movie follow a teenage duo: Hunter and Kevin who plans to start their heavy metal band in an attempt to win the upcoming battle of the bands. The group process become skyrocketed when Kevin meets Emily who is an impressive cello player. Now, the duo becomes trio with Emily and ready to participate in the competition.

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