Revenge Best Served Chilled Filming Locations, Lifetime Cast and Plot Details

Revenge Best Served Chilled aka A Glass of Revenge is the 2022 Lifetime thriller film directed and co-produced by Dylan Vox, written by Michael Shear with Jeremy M Inman, and produced by Liana Rae Perez and Audrey Mesler under MarVista Entertainment.

The murder mystery follows the story of an ambitious woman who wants to become a Sommelier like her late mother but her father disapproves the idea and advise her to focus on saving the family restaurant instead. However, the girl manages to convince her father even though his reluctance didn’t go and heads to Napa Valley.

Where was A Glass of Revenge filmed?

The Lifetime movie was filmed entirely inside the Commonwealth of Virginia, United States during December 2021. Even though, the plot sets in Napa Country of California, the actual filming was done within Roanoke and Floyd, the capital city of Virginia. Most of the shooting was done inside Roanoke and some scenes were reportedly filmed inside a Floyd town, according to cinematographer Ryan Brown.

Revenge Best Served Chilled filming locations

Roanoke has earned the nickname of Magic City as it was the fastest growing urban area in the South of 1880s. Moreover, this place has the world’s second largest illuminated man-made star known as the Mill Mountain Star. It was constructed in 1949 on the top of Mill Mountain and today it has become an important tourist site. Roanoke is an attractive and affordable place inside the United States.

Who’s in the cast of Revenge Best Served Chilled?

  • Lynn Kim Do as Emily
  • Monique Parent as Vice President Gillian
  • Michael Swan as Victor
  • Micavrie Amaia
  • Kenny Keen as Rich Guy
  • Jeremy M. Inman as Young Victor
  • Jessica Daniels as the Influencer girl
  • Navji Dixon as Lucia
  • Troy Lennon Appel as Clayton
  • John Squires as Brian
  • Bob Conley as Earl
  • Lisa Rae Ring as Bar Patron

Revenge Best Served Chilled Synopsis

In an attempt to save her family’s restaurant and fulfill her dream, Emily decides to enter into a highly competitive training program in Napa country. The sommelier program is run by Victor while Gillian is serving as the VP. However, things become intense when the competitors start dying one by one but Emily doesn’t give up. Instead, she decides to investigate the matter further and focus on winning the ongoing wine competition.

Revenge Best Served Chilled is now streaming on the official website of Lifetime since its first premiere on 14 May 2022 at 8/7c on the Lifetime Channel.

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