Where is Jamie Hodari Now? What inspired him to found Industrious?

Jamie Hodari is one of the competitor of Adam and Rebekah Neumann who were the founders of a great American startup which gone bankrupt just after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. The startup come into existence in 2008 at SoHo, New York, United States and soon started touching heights of success with the increase in demand of co-working spaces and virtual shared spaces inside the New York City. WeCrashed talked about the rise and fall of WeWork and some details about its competition.

Jamie Hodari

Who is Jamie Hodari

Jamie Hodari is the co-founder and present CEO of the highest rated workplace, Industrious. He founded the startup in 2013 along with Justin Stewart and and since that time, the company has grown to over 100 locations according to the official website of the company. Moreover, the company has become one of the America’s 500 fastest growing companies.

The company opened its first live location inside Chicago in 2013. At the time of finding completing his education, Jamie was a novice son of an Argentinian gynecologist who came to US as an immigrant. He completed his BA from Columbia University, MPP from Harvard University, and JD from Yale Law School.

Jamie has also worked for TOI in Delhi and also founded Kepler as his first startup. That startup runs an educational program for those students who wants to pursue higher education but don’t have good financial conditions. Kepler focused on offering quality education program at an affordable rate by building an online network.

What inspired Hodari to found Industrious?

IKEA was the most valuable investor in Hodari’s first startup Kepler and this inspired Hodari to found Industrious. Since, most of the employees working in Kepler were from South Africa and the company functioned out of a shared workspace in NY, Jamie thought the idea of Industrious and discuss it with his childhood friend who eventually become a co-founder of the billion dollar company.

Jamie Hodari Today

Today, 40-year old Hodari is living happily with his wife Natalie Papillion in his sweet home located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The CEO has garnered a lot of experience in the marketing and startup industry is looking forward to revolutionize the future. His wife too is a businesswoman(like Elizabeth Holmes in The Dropout) involved in the drug and criminal justice reform and the executive direction at The Equity Organization. While not working, Jamie likes to go on fishing and hiking.

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