Where is Call The Closer Filmed? Where is HGTV show based? Is Lauren Risley Married?

Call The Closer is the new reality series by HGTV, based on the works of a real estate professional Lauren Risley. Just like any other HGTV production such as No Demo Reno, the show features how the expert is able to guide her clients and helps in fulfilling their dreams to own a house. Lauren and her team carefully guides her clients once they select the property to own. The team filled the person with enthusiasm who was first anxious to make a decision of owning a house, this renovation show is good to watch for the newcomers who are looking to purchase a new property. But where can you find the place of Lauren? Let’s find out.

Call The Closer Location

HGTV’s Call The Closer sets in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Filming for the reality series began in March 2021 and wrapped up on August 2021 covering almost 5 months. As per the reports, the filming carried out in places like Ladue, Holly Hills, Central West, and Compton Heights. Some scenes were also filmed inside Kirkwood, the place is located a few Kilometers away from the major filming location.

Call The Closer location

Is Lauren Risley married?

No, Lauren Risley is not married and is not dating anyone in 2021. The real estate expert is having her own website where she has shared almost everything regarding her team, shop houses, emails, and past projects but nothing about her boyfriend.

Currently, she is having two Instagram accounts, one of them is for professional purposes that she uses for sharing her projects, houses sold, listings, and to keep your house up to date. The other IG is quite personal where you will find a heap of casual pics, most of them belongs to her dog and food. She recently shared a pic with an old friend and helper named Steve at the set of Call The Closer.

She has also mentioned on her site that she loves dogs more than humans but there is no information available about her relationship or dating status. So, it is safe to assume that the real estate professional isn’t dating anyone.

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